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Feb 24 2022

Is Block About To Change Bitcoin’s Self-Custody, Hardware Wallet Game? Probably

Exciting times at the Block headquarters. In today’s world, self-custody of your coins is one of the most important things there is. And Jack Dorsey’s bitcoin-focused company knows this. That’s why Block’s Square team is building a hardware wallet, even though Nick Slaney, Product Design Engineer, thinks it’s “so much more.” In a recent Twitter thread,...

Feb 19 2022

Marty Bent Explains The Importance Of Bitcoin Self-Custody In U.S. National TV

Once again, bitcoin takes the big stage. Marty Bent, host of the “Tales From The Crypt” podcast, told a national audience: “They can only seize your digital currency, your bitcoin, if you’re holding it in an exchange.” It was in controversial TV personality Tucker Carlson’s show. The general theme, once again, was...

Feb 18 2022

Bitcoin Proponent Warns Of The Dangers Of FBI’s Entrace Into Crypto Market

Regulators in the US are turning up the dial on scrutiny on the crypto industry. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is creating a specialized team dedicated to digital assets called the Virtual Asset Exploitation Unit (VAXU). Bitcoin proponents...

Feb 16 2022

Warren Davidson’s New Bill Bans Federal Agencies From Restricting Crypto

Is U.S. Congressman Warren Davidson reacting to the current situation in Canada? He recently introduced the “Keep Your Coins Act” to protect private bitcoin and crypto usage in his country. Specifically, it prohibits Federal Agencies from interfering with the right to self-custody and to transact P2P. It restricts their ability to ban “self-hosted” cryptocurrency wallets. In Canada,...

Dec 23 2020

SEC Proposes 5-Year Relief for Broker-Dealer Custody of Digital Assets

For a period of five years, entities seeking to custody digital asset securities will not be subject to an enforcement action.

Nov 02 2020

Switzerland to Allow Russian Gazprombank Subsidiary to Offer Crypto Services

Gazprombank's Swiss branch will offer “custody of cryptocurrencies as well as trading between crypto and fiat currencies."

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