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Mar 30 2022

Sequoia Investors And FTX Raise $135 Million In Series A Funding

Mar 30 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  ftx news sequoia capital series a funding

The multi-chain future, where users of blockchain technology no longer have to choose only one platform, is approaching...

Mar 14 2022

Solana NFT Marketplace “Magic Eden” Plans To Raise $27 Million From Sequoia Capital

NFT marketplace Magic Eden is planning to announce a $27 million fundraising round on Monday, involving Sequoia Capital and other investors. Magic Eden uses the Solana blockchain to authenticate NFTs on its marketplace. Solana, also referred to as "Ethereum killer," is capable of facilitating more transactions per second than Ethereum and at a much cheaper...

Mar 09 2022

American Billionaire Ken Griffin To Offer Cryptocurrency Services Through Citadel Securities

The adoption of cryptocurrency is expanding. With the performance of several prominent digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether, Ripple, and others, the perception of cryptocurrency is gradually changing. Running on blockchain technology, more businesses and individuals now understand and accept crypto as a great potential asset for the future. As a result, it’s no longer a surprise that many brands are...

Feb 21 2022

Why Venture Capital Fund Sequoia Is Pouring Over Half A Billion Dollars In Crypto

California-based venture capital fund Sequoia has begun its venture into crypto. The fund is following in the footsteps of others before it that have taken the plunge to invest in the rapidly growing space that is the crypto market. Like others, Sequoia is pitching its tent with the market in the big way to bring its offerings to its clients. And it is...

Feb 17 2022

Dec 08 2021

World’s Top Venture Capital Firm Sequoia Capital Hints at DAO Integration

Sequoia Capital, one of the world's largest venture capital firms is reportedly looking to move into crypto. The first major hint came in the form of its Twitter bio change where it removed "company" from its bio and added "DAO." The addition of DAO to their bio filed much speculation and defi proponents even claimed The post World's Top Venture Capital Firm Sequoia...

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