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Sep 05 2022

Shiba Inu Whale Adds More Than $22M SHIB, Is A Reversal In The Works?

Shiba Inu continues to receive a reasonable level of attention from crypto investors, prominently from whales who continue to hold and buy large quantities of SHIB. This time around, the meme coin is being gobbled up by one of the largest whales, which already holds hundreds of millions worth of coins. The sheer size of the transactions alone has been enough to catch...

Aug 15 2022

Shiba Inu Rallies Up 26% In Past Two Days, Beats DOGE And BTC

Aug 15 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd doge dogecoin

Shiba Inu has climbed up around 26% in the past two days, beating all the other top cryptos in the market, including Dogecoin and Bitcoin. Shiba Inu Observes 26% Rally Over The Last Couple Of Days While most of the crypto market has shown little movement during the past week or so, SHIB has been different these last two days. Currently, Shiba Inu...

Apr 13 2022

Ethereum Whales Increase Shiba Inu Holdings Following Robinhood Listing

The Shiba Inu listing on Robinhood has been one that has been in the works for a while. Although the trading platform had not said much regarding listing the meme coin, it was quite apparent that something would eventually give seeing the massive support that poured out for the listing on social media. Recently, Robinhood announced that it was listing the meme coin...

Mar 22 2022

Ethereum Whales Ramp Up Shiba Inu Purchases As 4th Biggest Whale Jumps In

The buying rampage of Shiba Inu tokens by Ethereum whales does not seem to be ceasing anytime soon. Over the past week, these whales seem to have made it their mission to accumulate as much of the meme coin as possible, adding trillions of tokens to their balances collectively in the same time period. Recently, the fourth largest Ethereum whale jumped on the...

Mar 17 2022

Ethereum Whale Snaps Up $6 Million Worth Of SHIB As Accumulation Trend Continues

Ethereum whales remain some of the biggest supporters of SHIB. These whales have continuously purchased the meme coin in large quantities through the bull and bear trends. They own some of the largest shares of the digital asset, most of which they have been holding on to for quite some time. Recently, these whales have been increasing their holdings, with the most recent...

Jan 27 2022

Ethereum Whales Go On $88 Million Shiba Inu Buying Spree

Ethereum whales have always been bullish on Shiba Inu. It is obvious in their purchase history that these whales with large ETH holdings are vying hard for the success of the meme coin. At various points in the past, they have been some of the biggest pushers of the digital asset, leading it through its rally, and holding on even through its downtrend....

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