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Mar 30 2021

ConsenSys Launches NFT Ecosystem With 99% More Energy Efficiency Than PoW

The Palm ecosystem is a joint venture launched to provide lower-cost NFT trading for artists while Ethereum transitions away from Proof of Work mining. The Palm NFT Ecosystem ConsenSys described the new project as an ecosystem for NFTs, adding that a version of Uniswap V3 will launch on Palm...

Jan 15 2021

Jan 11 2021

Blockstream Adds Six Members To Liquid Federation

Today, Blockstream has announced the addition of six members to Liquid, its federated Bitcoin sidechain. These members include Bitcoin wallet app Coinos, institutional digital asset custody provider Komainu, privacy infrastructure developer Nym Technologies, Liquid swap infrastructure provider SideSwap, Bitcoin-native financial...

Dec 11 2020

Dec 08 2020

RSK Is Changing How It ‘Pegs’ Bitcoin to Its Sidechain

Dec 08 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  iovlabs powpeg rsk sidechain tech

Bitcoin sidechain developer RSK is revamping how users swap bitcoin for its network’s tokenized version for the cryptocurrency.

RSK Is Evolving; Powpeg Leverages Hash Power To Switch From Bitcoin To Sidechain And Back

Dec 08 2020 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  defi iovlabs powpeg rootstock rsk

RSK, the Ethereum-like sidechain for Bitcoin developed by IOVlabs, is evolving. The federated pegging mechanism, which is based on a Bitcoin multi- signature (multisig) address, is migrating to a system that leverages hash power through RSK’s new special-purpose hardware security modules. “We're very excited with this release as it is a big step towards a full decentralized smart...

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