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Apr 06 2022

How Mining Pools Adapt To Changing Market Conditions

Miners need to be flexible to changes in the market, including global cultural differences and adversarial legal frameworks when countries ban Bitcoin.Mining pools are important to the Bitcoin ecosystem because they allow small bitcoin miners to collect rewards for their hash rate. Small-time miners are very unlikely to find a block and receive the block reward on their own....

Jan 04 2022

Compass Mining’s New Operations Manager On Home Bitcoin Mining, Power Agreements And S9 Leasing

The new mining operations manager for Compass Mining discusses his experience, offers tips for mining at home and predicts the industry’s future.This piece is part of a series that interviews Bitcoin miners about their experiences setting up and scaling mining operations as well as their view on the direction of the mining world. If you are mining Bitcoin and want to share...

Nov 12 2021

The Apartment Dweller’s Guide To Mining Bitcoin

This guide takes you step by step to successfully mining bitcoin from your apartment.You have heard of Bitcoin mining.You were told that it is expensive, complex, likely to kill you and best left to the experts. I assumed the same, that the process required hours of electrical analysis, complicated cash flow models with variable exchange rates and, of course, massive access...

Jan 14 2021

Bitcoin Miners Aren’t Responsible for Recent Price Dips, Data Shows

Analysts and mining pools say selling pressure from mining wallets hasn't contributed to recent corrections in bitcoin's price.

Dec 16 2020

The Next 10 Years Of Bitcoin Mining

Today, Slush Pool celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the first block the pool ever mined, Block #97834. It has been an incredible decade, and we’re proud to have mined over 1.25 million BTC since then....

Nov 19 2020

Majority of Bitcoin Hashrate Signals Support for Taproot Scaling, Privacy Upgrade

Nov 19 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  antpool bitcoin mining f2pool markets poolin

Over 50% of Bitcoin's hashrate now supports the "uncontroversial" upgrade.

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