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Sep 14 2022

The OFAC Answers Questions About The Tornado Cash Sanctions, Uncertainty Remains

The Tornado Cash situation is a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. Why did the OFAC sanction a piece of software? And why did Dutch authorities arrest a sole developer? Those are not the question we’ll answer today. The OFAC updated the frequently asked questions on Tornado Cash-related matters. The answers focus on the details of the sanctions and not on the...

Sep 07 2022

The Next Blockchain Technologies That Will Revolutionize Smart Contracts

As more brands enter the NFT market, different crypto sectors are booming. According to Market Decipher, the sports NFTs market size in 2022 is estimated to be $2.6 billion. In 2032, it is forecasted to reach $41.6 billion.

Demand for trading cards and limited education videos (all in NFTs) are surging according to the study. The sports that are in high demand, include the...

Jul 23 2022

MyFunding.Network: All About Earning Profits with the BNB Chain Based Trading Bot Pool

MyFunding.Network is a cryptocurrency trading bot driven by artificial intelligence and built on open sourced smart contract.

Jun 03 2022

New stats show Cardano on the up despite ‘crypto winter’

Jun 03 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  altcoins analysis cardano defi ethereum

Cardano Foundation has released its monthly wrap-up of on-chain data showing that its on-chain transactions have increased by 7.74% to reach 42.5...

May 31 2022

Terra Luna: How These 7 Wallets Brought the Ecosystem to Its Knees

Many crypto investors are wondering whether they should invest in the new Terra Luna, dubbed Luna 2.0. The gigantic collapse of Terra Luna left many wounded on the crypto battlefield, some lost the...

Mar 22 2022

Grayscale Investments Announces Diversified Smart Contract Fund to Track Liquid Assets

Leading virtual asset management firm Grayscale Investments expands its comprehensive suite of digital product offerings with its latest diversified fund. Dubbed Grayscale Smart Contract Platform Ex-Ethereum Fund, the service tracks projects in the burgeoning crypto space that are underpinned by smart contract technology. Grayscale Investments has launched a diversified product fund for investors interested in monitoring some of the biggest digital assets leveraging...

Dec 19 2021

Build No-Code Smart Contracts with Creator’s Mainnet New Features

Blockchain has emerged as a viable technology solution for businesses worldwide, showing to be a promising technology for dealing with complex issues. Therefore, the demand for blockchain developers has boosted in recent years. However, not everyone has enough resources to develop and deploy smart contracts. Therefore, the Creator Network is closing that massive...

Dec 12 2021

Create Smart Contracts Without Coding Habilities With This Platform

According to the global blockchain employment report, Upwork, one of the biggest freelancer platforms, rates "blockchain skills" in the first place in the fastest-growing skills of 2020 with an increase of 6000%. Yes, the demand for blockchain developers is increasing more...

Create Smart Contracts Without Coding Abilities With This Platform

According to the global blockchain employment report, Upwork, one of the biggest freelancer platforms, rates "blockchain skills" in the first place in the fastest-growing skills of 2020 with an increase of 6000%. Yes, the demand for blockchain developers is increasing more...

Nov 23 2021

Cardano ($ADA) Surpasses 20 Million Transactions, Hoskinson Announces Proxy Keys

Nov 23 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  ada adabch adabnb adabtc adabusd

Cardano (ADA) achieved another milestone earlier today as it surpassed the 20 million transaction count without a single day of downtime. At a time when major blockchain networks have been down on various occasions, the most recent example being Solana which went offline for nearly 24-hours, Cardano managed the rare feat despite being mocked for The post Cardano ($ADA) Surpasses 20 Million Transactions,...

Oct 28 2021

Polkadot To Introduce $770 Million Fund As Parachain Auction Approaches

Blockchain technology remains the major drive in the decentralization of digital assets. This has led to the emergence of several blockchain networks, each having its unique and distinguishing features. Amongst these blockchains is Polkadot, usually referred to as the blockchain of blockchains due to its multichain nature. Recently, Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, revealed a...

Sep 24 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to BEP-20 Tokens: The Binance Token Standard

BEP-20, or Binance Chain Evolution Proposal, is the Binance token standard for creating tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. If you've ever tried to make cryptocurrency transfers or withdrawals, then you know the importance of sending your coins or tokens to the right address and network to avoid loss of funds, and knowing the token standard is paramount....

May 22 2021

Nov 30 2020

Chainlink Brings Many Exciting Use Cases To Smart Contracts

The importance of oracle platforms like Chainlink to smart contracts cannot be over-emphasized. Smart contracts are known as an advanced form of blockchain technology usage. They bring trustlessness, reliability, and operational efficiency to contracts. While smart contracts are a massive innovation, they, however, find it difficult to connect to real-life events happening off-chain. This is one of the greatest limitations of employing...

Nov 29 2020

Spurring Smart Contract Ecosystem Development – Ontology and Polkadot

Ontology recently announced its new partnership with the Polkadot Ecosystem Project, a sharded blockchain that easily links multiple chains together into one network. Polkadot Ecosystem is partnering with Ontology, an open-source blockchain that focuses on digital data and identity. With this partnership, Ontology will contribute to the underlying infrastructure of Patract Labs, which develops solutions for the Polkadot Parachain Contract...

Oct 08 2020

DeFi Token, Based on Tron TRC20 Protocol Loop Mining System Smartway

In August 2020, Token Market was excited again with the presence of a token that uses the Ethereum ERC20 Protocol which builds self-government in the Smart Contract and the formation of the ecosystem itself in the Smart contract, this token is named YFI, Yearn.finance and the presence of YFI has made Uniswap V2 Exchanger is […] The post...

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