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Aug 12 2022

Digital Identity Revamp: Through The Metaverse

Aug 12 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  digital assets metaverse social media web2

Users of the Metaverse can start over with a digital identity made up of avatars and digital assets, but there are some problems to think about. The word "Metaverse" has become one of the most popular buzzwords of the year as more brands, companies, and even countries look into doing business in virtual worlds. Even […] The post Digital...

Jul 20 2022

The War On Dissent

Online censorship is becoming increasingly normalized as growing restrictions, deplatforming and its other manifestations have become so pervasive that many have simply come to accept it.This article originally appeared in Bitcoin Magazine's "Censorship Resistant Issue." To get a copy,...

Jun 22 2022

The 5 Pillars of the Metaverse

Jun 22 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  metaverse social media

We can compare the growth of the metaverse with that of the internet. At first, back in the nineties, there was a lot of skepticism. However, bit by bit, people started to warm up to it. Suddenly, the internet was everywhere. Nowadays, we can't do anything without it. The internet changed the world. The metaverse has the potential to do the same. Who...

Jun 18 2022

Finding Bitcoin Signal Through The Noise

Jun 18 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture fake news media opinion signal

Sensationalized media draws page views and attention, but useful Bitcoin content is available to those who are willing to lower their time preference.I was hit with a little inspiration today when Nathaniel Whittemore covered a couple New York Times hit pieces targeted at Bitcoin in a recent episode of his...

Jun 02 2022

Facebook Second In Command Sheryl Sandberg To Quit After 14 Years

Sheryl Sandberg, one of Facebook's top executives, made the shocking revelation Thursday that she will quit, following a 14-year stint in which she helped shepherd the social media giant to advertising supremacy. Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced in a separate Facebook post that Chief Growth Officer Javier Olivan will succeed Sandberg as chief operating officer. However, Zuckerberg added that it...

May 25 2022

The Effect Of Sentiment On The Bitcoin Price

Social sentiment is often correlated to the bitcoin price and can have a snowball effect for price movements, both to the upside and downside.Dang Quan Vuong is a trader and market analyst at King Stock Capital Management.Potential new investors who have lately joined the Bitcoin network have expressed social interest in the asset. Whether you’re selling or buying bitcoin, your...

May 05 2022

Binance, 18 Investors Commit $7.1 Billion to Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of daily trading volume, and 18 other equity investors committed over $7.

Apr 12 2022

LunarCrush Launches a New Suite for DeFi Products: LunrFi

Our favorite social media cruncher, LunarCrush, is back. Tuesday, April 12th 2022 sees the launch of LunrFi. This new suite of DeFi products starts out with staking. However, more exciting options will follow soon. With LunrFi, LUNR holders can now stake their LUNR. As a result, this opens the door to new avenues of passive income. We will show you what else you...

Mar 29 2022

A Guide To Bitcoin Mining Telegram Groups

As bitcoin mining communities grow at record pace across all social platforms, Telegram proves that networking with bitcoin miners is easy.Mining communities across all social platforms are growing at a record pace, but Telegram is home to some of the most active cloisters of hobbyist and professional miners chatting and educating...

How Bitcoin Wins The Culture Wars In The Fight For Family Values

The hosts of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” discuss regulatory attacks on Bitcoin and the degradation of family values with Calvin Robinson.Listen To The Episode:Apple...

Mar 11 2022

Zion Hopes To Decentralize Social Media With Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

The founder of Bitcoin-based social media network Zion discusses censorship, Lightning nodes and the creator economy.Recently, I spoke with Justin Rezvani, the founder of Zion, a decentralized, open-source, utility-based social media protocol that is built on top of Bitcoin.The conversation focused primarily around why Zion is necessary, rather than what Zion is, and I found that to be telling about the...

Feb 08 2022

Which Web 3.0 Social Media Platforms Can Replace Meta?

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is getting a lot of flak over its proposed plans to create a Metaverse. Widespread concerns are justified given the company’s track record, so what are the decentralized alternatives? A report on Monday...

Feb 07 2022

BaFin Warns Investors of Crypto Trading Advices on Social Media

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany (BaFin) issued a warning on crypto trading advices on social media. Although there was no direct reference to the social media channels, teleg...

Nov 13 2021

Coinbase New Update Allows Users To Share Information About Their Assets With Friends

Coinbase, the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has announced an exciting new update for its users. The exchange's roughly 73 million verified users will now be able to make information about their crypto holdings public. Coinbase Goes Social Senior product manager Rishav Mukherji announced this update in a...

Nov 10 2021

Reddit Could be Working on Converting Users’ Karma Points into Digital Tokens

In what could shape up to be one of the biggest onboardings in the history of cryptocurrency, social media platform Reddit is supposedly working on transforming community points of its 500 million active monthly users into Ethereum-based digital tokens.

Nov 09 2021

Nov 08 2021

How Crypto Can Impact The Creator Economy

Nov 08 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  creator creators influencer nft nfts

If you are a creator who is operating online, you're likely stymied by many challenges that are part of the creator 'framework' that exists today. Meanwhile, the audience of content consumers seems to be ever-growing, and the 'creator economy' has become ever-present. Emerging platforms, such as Substack or Patreon, have laid a foundation for creator-first platforms - but many creators, even those that...

Nov 04 2021

How Social Listening And Machine Learning Are Used To Predict Bitcoin Price Volatility

New data analysis methods can predict bitcoin price movements based on social sentiment. This introduces a new front in the war on FUD.“Social media” is a gigantic umbrella term that nobody can precisely define. Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, 4Chan, you name it. It doesn't matter if it's a worldwide platform or a tiny forum chat; if it connects users over the internet, it's...

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