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Jan 31 2023

SOL Price Soars By More Than 200% MoM; Will Solana Outperform Ethereum In 2023?

In the year 2021, Solana, a public blockchain platform, shocked the cryptocurrency world by...

Jan 29 2023

Solana Price Prediction for February 2023: THIS Price is very likely!

Solana has emerged from the crisis in recent weeks and has recovered from the FTX bankruptcy. After the SOL price fell from $36 to $12 shortly after the bankruptcy, Solana found itself in the worst crisis of its existence. But in January, the price was able to rise sharply again. Why is Solana up? And most importantly, what is a conservative...

Jan 28 2023

Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ: Can You Find Solana Coins in the Crowd within 7 seconds?

Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ: Brain puzzles are fun games that enhance your creative thinking, intelligence, and observation skills. Just a little bit of concentration and alertness is required to find...

Jan 27 2023

Cardano or Solana – Which is the better investment in 2023?

As the crypto market continues to evolve, both Cardano and Solana have emerged as notable players, each with a dedicated following. Both projects have seen their respective tokens, ADA and SOL, experience significant growth in value in recent times. However, with 2023 on the horizon, the question remains: which project presents the better investment opportunity? Let's take a look at this Cardano...

Jan 26 2023

Mango Labs v Eisenberg: Crypto Exchange Sues Its Hacker

Jan 26 2023 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  crypto crypto news sol solana solusdt

The Solana-based decentralized exchange (DEX) Mango Labs sued Avraham Eisenberg for its “profitable trading strategy.” The individual exploited a vulnerability in the platform allowing him to profit to the detriment of Mango Markets and its users. In October 2022, the trading platform Mango Markets reported an anomaly...

Jan 24 2023

Wormhole bridge exploiter transfers $155M in ETH

Earlier this week, an explosion of on-chain activity was observed at the address associated with the 320 million-dollar Wormhole exploit. The hacker of Wormhole, one of the largest cross-chain bridges between Solana and other blockchains has transferred stolen cash totalling $155 million in ETH to a decentralized exchange for the first time in months. CertiK's […] The post...

Jan 23 2023

What Is Gameta: How To Play Web3 Games On Gameta?

Jan 23 2023 Published at Coingape under tags  education nfts solana united states web 3

What Is Gameta? Gameta is a Web3 gaming platform that was initially developed on Solana but will soon transition...

[Updated] Where to Buy Solana (SOL) Crypto Coin: Beginner’s Guide

Jan 23 2023 Published at Blockonomi under tags  blockchain buying solana trading

Solana is a high-performance blockchain for creating scalable decentralized applications. Solana has some innovative solutions to some of the most common challenges that blockchain faces. One of the biggest ones isn’t new. Scalability has been a hot topic in the blockchain community, and one of the biggest reasons why many people doubt that a decentralized blockchain [...] The post Where to Buy Solana...

Jan 19 2023

Can Solana Price Hit $100 in 2023?

The Solana (SOL) price is one of the coins that has recovered well in the last few weeks. Solana was at the top of our list of the most rapidly rising cryptocurrencies. After a massive loss of more than 60% following the FTX crash, the price was able to rise above the $20 mark once more. But, after the new increase, can the...

Jan 18 2023

5 Top Altcoins To Add To Your Portfolio This Week

Jan 18 2023 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news altcoins news ripple (xrp) solana

Altcoins News: In recent days, there has been a significant recovery in the cryptocurrency...

Add These 5 Cryptocurrencies To Your Red Envelope This Chinese New Year

Jan 18 2023 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin blog cryptocurrencies dogecoin ethereum

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. But at the same time, cryptocurrencies make for good long-term investments. Regardless of which side of the bar you are on, it is nearly impossible to dismiss the concept of cryptocurrencies as gifts. Sure, there is no stability and coins shed value quickly. However, most people would agree that The post Add These 5 Cryptocurrencies To Your...

Jan 16 2023

Solana, Serum, And FTT Token: Why Are FTX-Related Tokens Leading The Rally?

Jan 16 2023 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  altcoin altcoins ftt ftt token ftx token

Solana (SOL), Serum (SRM), and the FTX Token (FTT) have been at the forefront of the crypto rally. Despite all of these coins being linked to the FTX crypto exchange and suffering dearly for it when the company filed for bankruptcy, they have been able to stage a massive reversal. These three coins feature at the top of cryptocurrencies with the most market...

Solana is FLYING HIGH! Solana price up 35% in 7 days, where next?

The crypto market is finally showing signs of a comeback. Most cryptos are up by an average of more than 15% in the past 7 days. Solana specifically was among the top performers, as SOL prices are up by more than 35% during that same timeframe. How high will Solana reach? Is it a good idea to buy Solana now? Let's analyze in...

Jan 12 2023

DOJ Probes Founders of Solana Protocol Saber Labs’ Founders

The U.S. Department of Justice has launched an investigation into the sibling duo behind Solana’s Saber Labs. A Wednesday...

Jan 08 2023

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Of The Week – 1

Cryptocurrencies had a bad year in 2022. As a result, now is an excellent time to invest. The first week of 2023 just finished and this article will discuss the top five cryptocurrencies of the week, which performed well despite the bear market. Let's go over it in more detail. 5\. Top 5 Cryptocurrencies: Frax Share (FXS) +24.14% -- Llanero (@iamllanero)...

Jan 05 2023

Solana SMASHING through 2023, up 40%! Will Solana price go up?

While most cryptocurrencies started 2023 on a consolidated note, Solana prices soared by more than 40%. Most crypto analysts predict that the first two quarters of 2023 will continue to be bearish. However, things are looking currently different for Solana. Will Solana price go up in 2023? Should you buy Solana today? Let's analyze in this Solana price prediction 2023. What is Solana...

Dec 16 2022

Raydium Exploiter Drains Millions from Liquidity Pools

Dec 16 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  exploit news raydium solana

Leading Solana decentralized exchange Raydium saw some of its liquidity pools drained of their funds today after an attacker gained special authority over the protocols smart contracts. Raydium Compromised Solana...

Solana active developers decline 90% in 2022, but SOL devs dispute findings

Dec 16 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption ethereum solana technology

Solana's (SOL) active developers have declined by over 90% to 75 developers from around 2,500 recorded in January, according to Token Terminal data. According to the data aggregator, developers within the Solana ecosystem peaked on Jan. 9 when it hit 2,453. Since then, the numbers have been drastically dropping....

Dec 15 2022

Maple Finance Drops Solana Lending to Focus on Ethereum

Dec 15 2022 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  crypto defi defi lending ethereum maple

Crypto lending platform Maple Finance has decided to stop lending on the Solana blockchain. In a Dec. 14 blog post outlining the platform’s 2023 strategy, Maple said the “strategic decision” to drop Solana...

Dec 13 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Raydium, Part 2

Dec 13 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  exchanges magic eden solana

Decentralized exchanges have become more popular since the FTX collapse. So, we've looked at a couple of DEXes and most recently talked about Raydium, a DEX built on the Solana blockchain. Here's the link to the first part of our Raydium article series. So, now, let's go straight to...

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