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Apr 29 2022

A Look At The Future Of Specter And Bitcoin Sovereignty With Moritz Wietersheim

Specter is a Bitcoin wallet provider that builds tools for the entire Bitcoin usage stack, from commercial to individual use.The core principle and design goal of Bitcoin was to be "a purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash." While this statement from the whitepaper is traditionally viewed as being related solely to the processing of payments independent of a financial institution, there are...

Dec 25 2021

Reflecting On The Year In Bitcoin: Our Progress And What We Take For Granted

The progress that the Bitcoin community made in 2021 reminds us to take nothing for granted, and to make the changes we want to see next year.Society has been taking a lot of things for granted, and arguably this is why we’re here now. The globe is filled with overly-panicked populations, governments are conducting...

Oct 20 2021

Bitcoin Wallet Specter Integrates Liquid Sidechain Network

Users can now transact on the Liquid Network with the software and hardware Specter wallets.Specter Solutions has integrated the Liquid Bitcoin sidechain network into its desktop and hardware wallet solutions and added support for Blockstream's hardware wallet Jade, according to a release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. The integration will enable Specter users to transact in the Liquid Network with Jade and...

Sep 13 2021

It Is Easy To Have An Impact On Bitcoin

Bitcoin has a place for many skill sets and backgrounds, as we’ll see in this episode of “Meet The Taco Plebs.”Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Jul 30 2021

Hardware Bitcoin Security And Blockstream’s Jade Wallet

Two hands-on hardware wallet developers discuss bitcoin custody and its technicalitiesWatch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Mar 31 2021

Specter Wallet Releases Version 1.3.0

Mar 31 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin wallets specter technical

The latest release from open-source bitcoin wallet Specter includes one-click Bitcoin Core and Tor setup, RBF transaction support and more.This week, Specter Wallet, an open-source bitcoin wallet that emphasizes privacy and security by allowing users to more easily run their own full nodes, released its latest version (you can...

Jan 12 2021

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