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Apr 30 2021

Splyt Core Announces Strategic Partnership With CartRev

Splyt introduces a new way for shoppers to interface seamlessly with web 3.0 technology through their new partnership. CartRev plugs the Splyt Protocol into the social media marketing supply chain. This allows affiliates to sell products from the Splyt ecosystem directly to the consumer. Furthermore, this new function allows individuals to participate in e-commerce and the Splyt ecosystem rather than only brands and...

Apr 29 2021

Splyt Plans to Disrupt the $9.1 Trillion eCommerce Industry

If you only look at the surface of something, it’d be difficult to say if there’s any problem with it. Without diving deep into the details, problems can’t be found. The same is the case with the current e-commerce industry and platforms today. What exactly, you may ask. After all, you’ve been having a superb experience surfing through Amazon, finding products, and having...

Apr 28 2021

Are NFTs Heading Toward Universal Adoption?

NFTs have been surprisingly resilient. Although average prices have gone down about 60%, they are once again rising. Now, this dip could simply be the result of Beeple’s 69 million dollars NFT wearing off. They’re all anyone mentions these days. It has become part of small talk. Sales are over 40 billion dollars. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are here to stay....

Apr 25 2021

PolkaDot-Powered Splyt! Non-Fungible Token-Based Supply Chain

In 2016, e-commerce sales amounted to $1.8 trillion, whereas, in 2019, it surpassed $3.5 trillion. Customers are pouring a massive quantity of wealth into online shopping every day. At this growth rate, the industry may seem invincible. However, this is far from the truth. Though the e-commerce sector is doing well, it is not...

Mar 26 2021

Splyt Core Funding Oversubscribed By $350M, Raises $2.2M

Mar 26 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  enft finance and funding nft splyt core tcp

Splyt Core announced that it has completed a funding round which “oversubscribed by $350M, raising a total of $2.2M.” Built around the eNFT, Splyt Core open-source protocol gathered notable participants in its just- concluded funding round. Participants in the fundraiser also include Bigcoin Capital, Master Ventures, and Kyros Ventures. The Intrusion of Splyt Core into the e-commerce space Splyt Core is...

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