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Jan 12 2022

How Spiral, Jack Dorsey’s Rebranded Bitcoin Company, Is Accelerating Adoption

The lead of Spiral, the Bitcoin-focused company formerly known as Square Crypto, explains the group’s rebranding, mission and future.Jack Dorsey’s popular financial company Square went through a recent rebrand and is now called Block. The move led one of its subsidiaries, Square Crypto, to also take up a fresh name. Now known as Spiral,...

Dec 02 2021

Jack Dorsey Focuses On Bitcoin After Stepping Down As Twitter CEO

Jack Dorsey has shocked everyone when he announced on Monday that he would be stepping down as Twitter’s CEO. The long-time boss of the company which he had founded had herded it into new heights, making it one of the social media giants. However, it seemed his run had eventually come to an end when he announced that he was resigning and software...

Aug 16 2021

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Supports Bitcoin Development With A $450,000 Donation

Sam Bankman-Fried stunned the crypto community by investing a whopping $450,000 to support Bitcoin development. In addition, the entrepreneur is sponsoring a nonprofit organization that backs Bitcoin coders for 3 years with $150,000 per year. This nonprofit organization called Brink provides funds to the open-source community focusing on Bitcoin development. With the donation, Brink will sponsor the bitcoin coders passing through its fellowship...

Jul 21 2021

Elon Musk Discusses Merits Of Bitcoin, Reveals SpaceX Holds BTC

Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussed his bitcoin investments and outlook in a live stream with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood.Billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussed Bitcoin during a live-streamed session of The ₿ Word event, saying that he supports and holds the original cryptocurrency, as does his aerospace company SpaceX.“[Bitcoin] has an open ledger, which is quite good....

Jul 16 2021

Square Announces New ‘Defi’ Ecosystem on top of Bitcoin

Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO and founder of...

May 25 2021

Square Crypto’s Steve Lee On Developer Grants, Energy FUD And Bitcoin 2021

Steve Lee of Square Crypto sees major Bitcoin application progress on the horizon, dismisses energy FUD and looks forward to Bitcoin 2021.Multi-billion dollar financial services company Square touches Bitcoin in several ways. It holds more than 8,000 BTC on its balance sheet. Its mobile payments platform Cash App, which lets users buy bitcoin instantly,...

Apr 08 2021

Square Crypto Grants $100,000 To Mempool.Space

Bitcoin block explorer mempool.space will receive $100,000 denominated in bitcoin over the next twelve months from Square Crypto.Square Crypto, the open-source Bitcoin development arm of payments company Square, is supporting one of Bitcoin’s most popular open-source blockchain explorers, mempool.space.The project is run by the pseudonymous...

Jan 08 2021

Square Crypto Funds Bitcoin Developer to Improve Mining Pool Software

Square Crypto’s latest grant will fund a developer’s work on software that could improve how mining collectives pool hash power.

Dec 14 2020

Square Crypto’s 20th Grant Will Support Bitcoin Design, User Experience

Square Crypto is issuing another Bitcoin developer grant for research on Bitcoin design and user experience.

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