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Dec 17 2020

Nationalizing Stablecoins Won’t Improve Financial Access

Proposals forcing stablecoin issuers to get banking licenses won't increase financial inclusion, as their proponents claim.

Dec 11 2020

Women in Tech Say Proposed STABLE Act Harms Those It Claims to Protect

Women of color from the cryptocurrency industry are concerned the STABLE Act would make wealth disparities in the U.S. much worse.

The STABLE Act Architects Don’t Understand Ethereum

Last week, four Congresspeople in Washington D.C. introduced the highly- controversial STABLE Act. If passed, it would impose cumbersome banking regulations on the emerging crypto industry. As such, the Act has earned the ire of industry leaders and other members of Congress. The STABLE Act Explained...

Dec 10 2020

Dec 09 2020

Would the STABLE Act Make Running an Ethereum Node Illegal?

The STABLE Act regulating the burgeoning stablecoin industry is misplaced and overly broad, says our columnist.

Dec 03 2020

Why Stablecoins Are the First Battleground of the Coming Crypto Regulation Wars

The STABLE Act would force all stablecoin issuers to have bank licenses, a shot across the bow that portends an emerging legal challenge for the industry.

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