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Sep 17 2021

Sep 16 2021

Sep 10 2021

Sep 09 2021

MOR: The Stablecoin That Rewards and Maximizes Capital Efficiency

For every business, the goal is to serve their customer base in the best way possible and make good profits in the process. Good capital efficiency is one of the essential factors that helps keep a business running for generations. If the amount of money you are spending on running a business project is always higher than the revenue that such a project...

Sep 02 2021

Col-5 is coming to Terra (LUNA) and the community is bullish, but what is it?

Sep 02 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption altcoins defi luna lunausd

The growing awareness for Terra’s native token LUNA has been largely driven by broadcasts surrounding the network’s pivotal...

Aug 25 2021

Terra (LUNA) sets new ATH as network activity increases

Aug 25 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption altcoins luna matic price watch

Terra’s native token LUNA rallied over 31% during the past seven days as the crypto’s price broke another record high crossing $34,3 earlier today. With a current market cap of roughly $13,4 billion, LUNA witnessed a significant recovery since the May...

Aug 24 2021

Ampleforth (AMPL) founder: There is a solution to the decentralized stablecoin dilemma

Aug 24 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  ampl btc defi eth interview

As the US dollar devaluation becomes a hot topic, CryptoSlate talked to the founder of the “rebasing cryptocurrency” designed to fight the inflation curse. Ampleforth (AMPL...

Aug 23 2021

Circle Changes USDC Reserve Composition To Cash and Treasury Bonds

Boston-based digital currency company Circle, with the support of Centre and Coinbase, has announced that it will change the composition of USDC reserves to cash and short-term US Treasury Bonds. Per Grant Thornton’s attestation, Circle expanded beyond cash and cash equivalents already in May 2021, However, witnessing the evolving regulatory landscape and scrutiny in the The post Circle Changes USDC Reserve Composition To...

Aug 22 2021

Cardano (ADA) backed ‘Djed’ stablecoin promises transparency and price stability

Aug 22 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adausd stablecoins technology

With the imminent launch of smart contracts on Cardano, thoughts turn to its ecosystem and how it will develop against competing chains. One such consideration is stablecoins, which are an essential component of any crypto ecosystem. Stablecoins bridge the gap with fiat and presenting a solution to volatility. Earlier this week,...

Aug 20 2021

$185 million worth of LUNA burned in past month as Terra user base grows

Aug 20 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption altcoins defi eth luna

Terra’s native token LUNA rallied 79.66% during the past seven days as the protocol developed by South Korean firm Terraform Labs surpassed Polygon (MATIC), recording the third-highest total value locked (TVL) among blockchains....

Aug 16 2021

This NFT Marketplace Is Burning More ETH Than Any Other Protocol

August 16, 2021 / Unchained Daily / Laura Shin Daily Bits...

Aug 14 2021

Does DeFi Make Ethereum Unforkable? Here Are The Facts

This is an interesting thought experiment. Is the current Ethereum unforkable? Do all the Decentralized Finance products and instruments built on top of it make an Ethereum fork an instrument of the past? Also, in the rare case of a hard fork, do the backers of the stablecoins DeFi depends on hold too much power? A staple of decentralization, a fork is one...

Aug 11 2021

Ren is bringing decentralized stablecoins to Dogecoin (DOGE) and others

Aug 11 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  dogecoin dogeusd stablecoins technology

RenVM and ICHI today announced a partnership to make decentralized stablecoins available to the Bitcoin,...

Aug 10 2021

Tether (USDT) cash equivalents have increased to 85%, company reveals

Aug 10 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  banking btc eth regulation stablecoins

Tether Holdings Limited, the company behind the world’s largest stablecoin by market cap, revealed more details about its reserves in an assurance opinion by Moore Cayman, an audit services provider, which concluded that the information in the company’s Consolidated Reserves Report...

Aug 06 2021

Alleged Tether (USDT) ‘shadow banker’ set for 2022 trial

Aug 06 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  bitfinex legal regulation stablecoins tether

Reggie Fowler, a former NFL team owner and the suspected “shadow banker” involved in the Tether and Bitfinex saga, will finally have his day in court as his trial is scheduled for early 2022. According to newly released information, Fowler is accused of laundering money for Colombian drug cartels, alongside providing unlicensed financial services to crypto firms....

Jul 28 2021

Tether (USDT) slams Bloomberg over criminal probe accusations

Jul 28 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  legal regulation stablecoins usdt

The recent report about Tether (USDT) facing a criminal probe in the US, published by...

Jul 27 2021

Congressman Tom Emmer quashes talk that ‘Fed Coin’ would spy on citizens

Jul 27 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  legal stablecoins technology

Speaking to Forbes, Congressman Tom Emmer dismisses the notion of a Fed Coin showdown with cryptocurrency. Saying the crypto movement is too strong to be crushed, even by the Federal Reserve. In recent times, authorities have ramped up talk of introducing central bank digital...

What bear market? Crypto firms raised over $4.4 billion in Q2 2021 alone

Jul 27 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  investments stablecoins usdc

The technology behind the chains or records stored in the form of blocks, which are essentially digital ledgers of crypto transactions distributed across a global network of computers, keeps attracting more investors, looking for alternative ways to gain exposure to the crypto market. Based on data from analytics firm CB Insights, blockchain start-ups have managed to raise a...

Jul 26 2021

Tether (USDT) faces criminal probe in the US, report says

Jul 26 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  btc eth legal regulation stablecoins

Tether (USDT) FUD surrounding the stablecoin’s issuance could have a new chapter in the form of criminal charges, which would mark a major development in the US government’s crackdown on crypto. The...

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