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Oct 23 2021

Oct 08 2021

Polkastarter V2 Launches With New Features

The much anticipated Polkastarter V2 is finally live, and it comes with new unique and enhanced features that will provide users with seamless and intuitive service. Announcing the update, Polkastarter noted that V2 is loaded with improved updates to ensure the project delivers top-notch services. The decentralized and compliant launchpad for blockchain and digital assets projects noted that users will enjoy the new...

Oct 01 2021

How to Earn with NFTs in This Booming Industry

Oct 01 2021 Published at AirdropAlert under tags  airdrops guides news nft play to earn

At Airdrop Alert, we're always at the frontlines of the crypto industry. We educate our community on different ways to earn crypto. Plus, we're keeping an eye on the rising trends that happen on different blockchains. If you check the timestamp, we were one of the first platforms to explain what NFTs are, and today […] The post How to Earn with NFTs...

Is Axie Infinity (AXS) Staking Really Profitable?

Axie Infinity has launched its staking program for its native token, $AXS, but can you make any profits? Discover how profitable it is in this article. According to a DappRadar report, Axie Infinity has launched its long-awaited staking incentives on September 30. The announcement also stated that...

Sep 14 2021

Lido Finance Review & Analysis – Liquid Self Staking Protocol

In recent months, the staking of crypto assets as a source of earning passive income has picked up a lot of interest amongst investors. And now staking as a service has become so so big that it is considered as a separate industry in the crypto-verse. This is further expected to increase at a substantial rate. Based on a...

Sep 02 2021

How to Do Yield Farming Using Your XCAD Network Token

In the previous part of this article series, we explained how you can stake your XCAD tokens in the AscendEX exchange and NFTrade platform and earn rewards. In this part, we will describe how you can provide liquidity into different supporting pools from various platforms and later stake your LP tokens into the XCAD LP farm to multiply your rewards more....

How to Stake Your XCAD Token

Sep 02 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  staking xcad xcademy xcad token

XCAD Network is an innovative platform that aims to create a monetization model along with an NFT marketplace that can help both the content creator and viewers. XCAD Network allows the YouTube content creator to mint their token as they hit milestones. They can use this token to reward their viewers. Creators can also mint unique NFTs that they can sell to their...

Aug 27 2021

Multi-Asset Staking: Best way to Generate Pasive Income

Aug 27 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto crypto passive income staking

Multi-Asset Staking is a consensus whereby cryptocurrencies are locked into wallets and cryptocurrency rewards are earned. DeFi exchanges typically have governance tokens that allow participation in staking pools. These native tokens are cross-chain, and therefore can be exchanged between blockchains. How does Multi-Asset Staking...

Aug 25 2021

5 Best Ethereum Staking Platforms – (Comparison Table)

Ethereum is currently the most used blockchain network in the world. The reason for this use case is the smart-contract-based applications called Decentralized Applications or DApps. More than 2800 DApps are built on Ethereum, which accounts for more than...

Aug 21 2021

What Is Staking and How It Differs from Mining?

Cryptocurrencies make their payment systems stable by motivating those who deal with them to earn income. There are different ways a person may acquire cryptocurrency apart from trading […]

Aug 02 2021

Jul 30 2021

Testing Crypto Payments & Staking at Kraken

Jul 30 2021 Published at Kraken Blog under tags  engineering staking uncategorized

By: Brett McLain, Director of Engineering - Crypto, Fiat, Staking If you’re interested in cryptocurrencies, payments, or staking and want to help build the financial system of the future, the funding engineering team @ Kraken is hiring! When Kraken launched almost a decade ago, only… The post Testing Crypto Payments & Staking at Kraken...

Jul 27 2021

Kraken Staking Rewards Top $100 Million

Jul 27 2021 Published at Kraken Blog under tags  | kraken news staking

We are thrilled to announce that, year-to-date, Kraken has paid out more than $100 million in rewards to our clients via our first-in-class staking service. Recognized as the global leader in secure, on-chain staking, Kraken has seen the total number of assets staked on our… The post Kraken Staking Rewards Top $100 Million appeared first on...

Jul 17 2021

The Power of Brand Loyalty Programs and How Crypto Can Help

Acquiring new customers can be very expensive and competitive. Brand loyalty is proving to be a more effective option. Cryptocurrency can make the process faster, easier, and more profitable for everyone. Customer Acquisition or Retention? The balance between companies that prioritize customer acquisition and customer loyalty is about...

Jul 09 2021

The Ethereum Deflationary Upgrade: How it Could Pump Prices

The Ethereum London upgrade has gone into its final phase of testing this week and the highly anticipated hard fork has now been scheduled for August 4. This move by Ethereum will usher in a controversial upgrade called EIP-1559 that will result in some of the transaction fees being burnt....

Jul 02 2021

Jul 01 2021

Top Crypto News: 06/30

A significant number of developments took place in the crypto space today. Bitcoin price has decreased by 3.6% and is trading at $34,877. However, Ethereum is up 2.9% over the last 24 hours and is trading at $...

Jun 29 2021

Top Crypto News: 06/29

There has been interesting news in the crypto space today. Bitcoin price has increased by 4.7% and is trading at $36,368.75. Ethereum is also up 5.2% over the last 24 hours and is trading at $2,222.70. We’ll go through some of the top crypto news for today. 1 – Crypto.com Partners with Formula 1® Crypto.com (CRO), a cryptocurrency wallet provider and...

How to Stake Graph ($GRT)

The Graph protocol aims to organize decentralized blockchain data. It will help users in extracting complex information from different blockchain networks like Ethereum and IPFS through indexing. The platform focuses on building decentralized applications that will run entirely on public infrastructure. The network mainly consists of four participants: indexers, curators, delegators, and consumers. Out of these four, the first three participants...

Jun 26 2021

How To Stake NEAR ($NEAR)

NEAR is a Layer 1, open-source, smart contract-based blockchain network that allows the developers to build highly scalable dApps at a low cost. The platform uses a dynamic sharding design technique called Nightshade that aims to resolve the network scalability issue. The platform has a native token named NEAR that fuels the network and its operation. Been based on Proof-of- Stake (PoS), the network...

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