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Mar 24 2022

Bitcoin Is The Trojan Horse For A Decentralized Internet

The hosts of “Simply Bitcoin” discuss how the censorship-resistant nature of Bitcoin can lead to a disintermediated internet where free speech reigns.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Feb 25 2022

Russia-Ukraine Conflict May Hit Bitcoin Mining; Here’s Why

The crypto mining industry faces renewed disruption as the Russia-Ukraine conflict threatens to upset the supply of materials crucial to semiconductor manufacturing. The industry is still reeling from a severe, near two-year chip shortage that ramped up the prices of graphics cards, which are crucial towards minting tokens. Ukraine And Russia Key Suppliers of Chip The post Russia-Ukraine Conflict May Hit Bitcoin Mining;...

Feb 10 2022

How Intel’s Entrance Can Change The Bitcoin Mining Landscape

With Intel set to present an ASIC geared for bitcoin mining later this month, how will the computing giant reshape the industry’s landscape?When news surfaced that one of the largest computer chip makers in the world, Intel, would give a presentation about an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) geared for bitcoin...

Jan 03 2022

10 Uses Cases of Blockchain in Supply Chain

Jan 03 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  blockchain technology supply chain

Blockchain technology has continued to grow exponentially, disrupting the way we do business and carry out transactions in several sectors of the world today. One major sector that has been primarily disrupted by blockchain technology is the Supply Chain space. While we have seen the Supply Chain uses cases in blockchain, there is still a large room for improvement. The...

Oct 31 2021

Bitcoin Mining And The Global Semiconductor Shortage Are On A Collision Course

A shortage of semiconductor production is at the forefront of geopolitics and it’s inevitable that this issue’s relation to Bitcoin mining will be as well.Supply chain shortages are starting to reveal many geopolitical dependencies on external actors for different resources, and the overall fragility that those dependencies can create for any given nation when supply chains are stressed. All it takes is...

Feb 28 2021

OriginTrail Recognized for COVID-19 Supply Chain Solution

The World Economic Forum has recognized OriginTrail for its proposed blockchain-based solution geared towards supply chain maintenance of COVID-19 essential resources. OriginTrail submitted a proposal for the creation of a Trusted COVID-19 Essential Supplies Repository of certified and safe products that is vetted by blockchain technology....

Feb 03 2021

Rare Sneaker App Switches From Ethereum to Hedera to Skip Blockchain Fees

At $80 for minting an NFT on Ethereum versus $1 on Hedera, it was a matter of cost, said SUKU.

Jan 22 2021

Supply Chain Solution SUKU Launches DeFi Protocol for “Unbanked”

Jan 22 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  business defi suku supply chain

SUKU DeFi will "support the unbanked and underserved" by giving its suppliers access to financial services that they may have been excluded from in the traditional finance system, namely microlending. SUKU Moves Into DeFi A microloan is a small loan paid by an individual rather than an institution like a bank....

Jan 13 2021

US Navy Commissions $1.5M Blockchain System for Tracking Critical Weaponry

Blockchain firm SIMBA Chain won a contract to build a system to anticipate demand for "critical" military weaponry parts.

Dec 18 2020

Scottish University Taps Blockchain Tech to Fight Whisky Fakes

Anti-tamper bottle tags and the blockchain tracking platform from Everledger are being deployed to help tackle the trade in counterfeit whiskies.

Dec 16 2020

French Fashion Brand Adds Blockchain Tracking to Clothes Made From Ocean Plastic

True Tribe is using the Ethereum-based SUKU protocol to track the provenance of clothing made from recycled ocean trash.

Dec 07 2020

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