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May 10 2022

Bitcoin Is Venice: Sustaining The Unsustainable

Bitcoin can repair the broken incentive systems created by finance and low interest rates that lead to unsustainable practices....

Nov 02 2021

BitMEX Becomes One Of The First Crypto Exchanges To Go Carbon-Neutral

Crypto exchange BitMEX has followed through on its earlier commitment to carbon neutrality. On Tuesday, the exchange announced its plans to offset the environmental footprint of its Bitcoin transactions. It also announced research plans as well as partnerships with organizations dedicated to using innovation to lower cryptocurrency’s...

Oct 17 2021

North Vancouver Plans To Be The World’s First City Heated By Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) mining is an energy-intensive industry. One of the major by- products of mining - excess heat created by computational efforts - has mostly just gone to waste. Recently, many have been asking if there is a way to put that heat to better use and turn it into sustainable energy for others. As a result, mining companies are exploring various ways to...

Aug 24 2021

Bitcoin Is The Sustainable Money Europe Deserves

Only bitcoin offers a truly sustainable path forward for the continent which prizes this attribute.Recently we have been tragically exposed to a thought process of one Eero Heinäluoma, a Socialist member of the European Parliament. While it doesn’t seem like there’s actually any proposal to ban bitcoin mining at this moment, it’s safe to assume that such a proposal is just a...

May 10 2021

Ninepoint To Fully Offset Carbon Footprint Of Its Bitcoin ETF

Canadian investment manager Ninepoint will invest management fees in forest conservation to offset the carbon footprint of its bitcoin ETF.Ninepoint, a Canadian investment firm with $8 billion in assets under management, will offset the carbon costs of its bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) using a portion of its management fee,...

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