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Aug 26 2022

Taliban Targeting Afghan Crypto Users

Aug 26 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  afghanistan news taliban

Afghan police forces are targeting crypto dealers for trading what is now considered fraudulent digital currencies by the nations central bank. "Fraudulent" Currencies The Taliban is coming for crypto owners....

Aug 25 2022

Afghan Police Ceased 16 Crypto Exchanges Over The Last Week

The cryptocurrency caught hype in Afghanistan last year when the state's economy got into trouble amidst the Taliban taking over Afghanistan in May 2021. After the Taliban came into power, the U.S. imposed sanctions that made buying crypto difficult, with western authorities ceasing billions of the assets of the country. But after things changed and the country's central bank banned the use of...

Apr 26 2022

Stablecoins are becoming a safe haven for Afghans fleeing the oppressive Taliban regime

Apr 26 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption afghanistan stablecoins taliban

We are witnessing a global cryptocurrency boom, but not all crypto adoption around the world is made equal. While prospects of gaining wealth fuel most spikes in adoption, some result from a pressing need to preserve it. This is the case with Afghanistan, where the Taliban's takeover in 2021 left the country economically devastated amid crippling...

Afghans Aim To Protect Their Wealth Using Stablecoins – Bitcoin Not An Option?

Afghanistan is currently one of the top 20 countries that have widely adopted cryptocurrencies. Afghans have shifted to digital coins to protect their wealth from Talibans. Crypto is highly volatile but Afghans have put their trust into stablecoins instead of Bitcoin. Suggested Reading | Abu Dhabi...

Aug 26 2021

Finding Financial Freedom In Afghanistan

A pioneering female CEO has been promoting Bitcoin in Afghanistan since 2013 and sees it needed in her home country now more than ever.Roya Mahboob — the first female Afghan tech CEO, one of TIME’s most influential people in the world and one of the first entrepreneurs to introduce Bitcoin...

Aug 17 2021

Bank Runners In Afghanistan See No Cash, Sought To Flee The Country After Taliban Takeover

Aug 17 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  afghanistan bank run bitcoin btc culture

As the Taliban advances after the President fled, Afghans fail to withdraw life savings due to cash shortage. ​Hundreds of residents of the Afghan capital, Kabul, rushed to banks on August 15 to withdraw money from their bank accounts as Taliban fighters took over the city demanding the government's surrender,...

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