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Jul 09 2022

3 Lessons From The Oslo Freedom Forum: 14 Zeroes – Bartolomeo, Nur Khalil, Stark

It’s time to visit Oslo one more time. Bitcoinist keeps mining The Human Rights Foundation’s Oslo Freedom Forum for the content all those other bitcoin sites are not interested in. We are talking about real life here, and we already went to the well a few times - one...

Apr 14 2022

Bitcoin 2022 Recap, GA Day 2. Afternoon: Peterson, Alden, Weinstein, Stark & More

And here it is, the bitter end of the Bitcoin 2022 coverage. As we said in the previous post, the afternoon was disappointing, to say the least. The conference’s organizers took their shot with big-name guests from the so- called “Intellectual Dark Web” and they missed. Both...

Apr 07 2022

Bitcoin 2022 Conference, Industry Day: Bukele Steps Down, Tennessee Titans & More

The Bitcoin 2022 conference started with a muffled bang. On the one hand, it generated several headlines and got people talking. On the other, the valuable content wasn’t there. And they mentioned “crypto” way too often in those first-day talks. The event is supposed to be a Bitcoin-only conference. And, while it was live and the organizers can’t control everything that happens on...

Apr 06 2022

Taro, Issue & Send Any Asset Through Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Do We Need It?

The Taro protocol is the first big announcement to come out of the Bitcoin 2022 conference. With “bitcoinizing the dollar” as its target and Lightning Labs behind it, the news blew up in Bitcoin-Twitter after being strategically released the night before the event of the year kicks off. Nevertheless, notice that Taro is just a proposal so far. It has a long way...

Apr 05 2022

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