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Jan 18 2021

Elrond Price Prediction: Maiar Launch

Elrond has been one of the most profitable altcoin to hold in 2020. We have seen one of the biggest rally in Elrond price this year where it grew by more than 10X. Once the supply ratio got adjusted and Elrond got renamed to Elrond Gold, we saw another rally from the low price of $6.00 to $42.00. The Elrond train is unstoppable....

Jan 16 2021

TA that predicted Bitcoin Price to consolidate is showing signs of STRENGTH ahead, BUT…

Bitcoin price managed to reach its all-time high price of USD 42,000 only to retrace back and enter a sideways trend. Most cryptocurrencies were affected by...

Jan 13 2021

Ethereum Price: Can ETH touch $3000?

Jan 13 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  eth technical analysis

Ethereum has been one of the major reasons for the advancement in the blockchain. Lots of new products, Dapps, DEFI, Exchanges and coins have been built on the ERC 20 smart contracts. If it weren’t for Ethereum, cryptocurrencies and blockchain would have not received the recognition and fame that it has received right now. The technical advancement has unfortunately not reflected in Ethereum...

Jan 12 2021

Bitcoin Begins Revival After $10,500 Drop

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bitcoin has started to recover after its drop to $30,500 yesterday The 26% correction was anticipated after a record-busting move to $42,000 The correction could usher in a proper alt season Bitcoin has begun its recovery after $10,500...

Jan 11 2021

BTC Price: Is This the Top?

Jan 11 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  btc technical analysis

With the wide range of institutional investors coming in, we saw a highly impressive rally in BTC price. From this year’s low price around $3,000 to an all time high price above $42,000, we saw a gain of almost 14 times this year in BTC from its yearly low price during the crash in March. BTC was struggling to break the resistance of...

Bitcoin Suffers 22% Drop as Correction Finally Kicks In

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bitcoin finally corrected last night after its race to $42,000 At 22% correction took Bitcoin down to $32,550 New entrants to the market should just hodl and wait for the rebound...

Jan 08 2021

Crypto Market Update: BAL, 1INCH and LTC

Jan 08 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  1inch bal ltc technical analysis

BTC has been setting new all time high records on an almost daily basis. Each day a new record is being set and BTC has now crossed $40,000 and set up a new record by breaking $42,000 shortly after breaking the $40,000 barrier. Crypto market cap has now crossed $1 trillion. The market cap of Bitcoin is now higher than Facebook and just...

Jan 07 2021

Is XLM price heading towards $1?

Jan 07 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  stellar technical analysis xlm

This week has been great for many altcoins. Most of the top 100 altcoins have seen double digit percentage gains. But the leader of the pack has undoubtedly been XLM. XLM price saw a gain of over 100% in a single day. The gain in the price of Stellar has been increasing steadily due to combination of positive fundamental news and technical indicators....

Jan 06 2021

Altcoin Market: ATOM, LINK and BAND

Jan 06 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  atom band btc eth link

BTC has created a new all time high price after dropping by more than $6,000. The drop was bought back immediately and BTC reached close to $36,000. Ethereum has also started approaching its all time high price and reached close to $1,200. Altcoin market has been highly...

Bitcoin & Ethereum Analysis: Top Coins Continue To Pave The Way As Entire Market Approaches $1 Trillion

Bitcoin continued to set a new ATH price today at $35,868 after the cryptocurrency rallied by another 9.2%. The growth of Bitcoin over the past 3-months has been truly extraordinary after the cryptocurrency managed to rise by a robust 225%.

Jan 05 2021

37x in a month with Altcoin Buzz Trading Signals!

Jan 05 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  technical analysis trading signals

Altcoin Buzz has been consistently providing the best-in-class news related to the latest developments in the crypto ecosystem. Our fundamental analysis and research has no bout. To add to it, we started our technical analysis segment as well to provide our users with a holistic evaluation of market direction and sentiments. We formed our free crypto trading signals group in December 2020 and...

Jan 04 2021

Bitcoin Weekly “Relative Strength” More Powerful Than Record 2017 Rally

Jan 04 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd btcusdt crypto

Bitcoin price over the holidays touched nearly $35,000 per coin, starting off 2021 with an enormous bang. Last week's candle was the largest in the asset's history, dollar for dollar, with over $8,000 added from open to the top of its wick. It also resulted in such a powerful reading on the weekly Relative Strength Index, it now trumps the momentum seen in...

Jan 02 2021

Altcoin Market Update: ZIL, XMR, RSR

BTC has broken all records and has surged over $32,000. This is a historic moment for all crypto traders. But what will happen now? Will we see a correction in the BTC and altcoin market? Bitcoin dominance has been steady and is not decreasing. As long as BTC dominance is high and BTC corrects from $32,000, we are likely to see a drop...

Dec 28 2020

Altcoin Market Update: ETH, XRP, LINK

Bitcoin has been steadily growing, and its price reached above $28,500 without any substantial retrace. After touching $28,500, we saw a small corrective move, but every single drop in BTC is being bought back. BTC dominance has risen, which has started affecting the altcoin market. Most of the altcoins have dropped substantially in their BTC pair. As long as the BTC dominance keeps...

Ethereum Price Analysis – ETH Creates Fresh 2020 Highs Above $700 After 31-Month Wait

Etheruem set a fresh 2020 high today, around $738, after seeing a 35% price hike over the past month of trading. The coin had set the previous 2020 high toward mid-December but failed to break the resistance at $675 (bearish .786 Fib Retracement). From there, ETH dropped back into the $580 support where it rebounded last week. Yesterday, ETH managed to break the...

Bitcoin Catches its Breath After Sprint to $28,425

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bitcoin topped out at $28,425 yesterday after putting on some $5,000 in three days Bitcoin dominance hit 72%, last seen in September 2019 Alts could enjoy a huge run in early 2021...

Dec 26 2020

This Coin made 277% in 2020 – It also had a STEADY Price-Action

Every now and then, we introduce a coin that has great potential and discuss how traders should position themselves in order to reap those gains. A while back, we spoke about...

Dec 24 2020

Altcoin Price Update: THETA, BEL, and SNX

Dec 24 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  bel snx technical analysis theta

With the SEC filing a case against Ripple Labs and its founders with a lawsuit worth $1.3 billion, it has created a lot of FUD in the whole crypto market. Like Ripple, this lawsuit could be extended to several other cryptocurrencies which could fall under the category of securities. This could result in a drop in the price of several altcoins. We have...

Dec 23 2020

Altcoin Price Prediction: AAVE, MATIC, and DIA

The bull run in the crypto market weakened after the number of new coronavirus cases across the globe started increasing. Many countries have started implementing partial or total lockdowns once again. Many countries are reporting a new strain of the COVID-19 virus, which has inculcated fear across all global markets and resulted in a dip in altcoin price. Moreover, the SEC is planning...

Dec 22 2020

When Will XRP Price Cross $1?

Dec 22 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  technical analysis xrp

It is safe the say that the 2017 altcoin rally was single-handedly led and fueled by XRP when this token rose from under a cent to over $3. Whenever XRP starts gaining momentum, it drains the liquidity of the whole crypto market, and everyone starts jumping in to benefit from the rally. XRP can consecutively gain a daily double digit percentage in profits...

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