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Jan 13 2021

Plasm Network Parachain Live on Rococo V1

Plasm Network, a leading dApp platform built on the Parity substrate, has successfully connected to Polkadot’s Rococo V1 testnet. According to an official blog post, Plasm Network is the first-ever parachain on Rococo V1. For the uninformed, Rococo V1 is Polkadot’s first-ever public testnet parachain....

Dec 22 2020

Latest Crypto.com Chain Testnet Causes Frenzy of Validator Applications

Crypto card issuing firm Crypto.com has disclosed plans to launch its chain. In line with this, it has carried out several testnets aimed at ensuring the seamless launch of the chain. The Crypto.com chain is currently undergoing its final dry run test, dubbed "Crossfire," before its official mainnet release. The testnet is focused on intentionally stress testing the network, ensuring it is practical,...

Oct 08 2020

Ethereum 2.0 Developers Set to Run Another Testnet

The developers of Ethereum 2.0 are set to run another testnet. This testnet is named "Zinken" and will take place in the coming days. Zinken will take place soon as the Spadina testnet by the Ethereum 2.0 developers did not go very smoothly....

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