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Aug 13 2022

The Case For Bitcoin To Separate Money From The State

By separating money from the government, Bitcoin takes the control of money out of the hands of politicians and gives it back to the citizens.This is an opinion editorial by Ryan Bansal, a professional software engineer and author of a Bitcoin newsletter.“The computer can be used as a tool to liberate and protect people, rather than to control them.” — Hal...

Sep 30 2021

The Birth Of The Bitcoin-Dollar

Bitcoin represents the next evolution of the American currency being tied to a system of energy storage.Written September 21, 2021You have probably heard of the petrodollar. You may not know the ins and outs, but you have heard the term in history class or on some podcast. In a very simple and reductive way, it is...

Aug 05 2021

Hard To Soft Money: The Hyperinflation Of The Roman Empire

Historically, hyperinflation is a positive feedback loop of free money, illusionary wealth and greed.Almost two thousand years before the early 1920s Weimar Germany hyperinflation, there was the great currency debasement of the Roman Empire....

Jul 30 2021

The Semantics Of The Bitcoin Layers

Jul 30 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture history layer 2 layers scaling

While we casually talk about Bitcoin having multiple layers, the word itself has historical meaning.The Semantics Of A Bitcoin LayerThe idea of a layer comes from two worlds, each of which uses a layered approach in a distinct manner: the world of money, and the world of networks. In this article we will briefly explore both worlds. After the concept of...

May 06 2021

Bitcoin: Solving The Elusive Monetary Problem

This deep dive explores what problems plague our modern monies, and how bitcoin cures these issues.“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” -Abraham LincolnTo understand the implications of a paradigm changing technology, one must intimately understand the problem that is being addressed. If we do not understand the problem...

May 05 2021

Fiat Lux: The Origins Of Modern Money

Heavily Armed Clown explores the commonly misunderstood term “fiat” alongside in-depth historical economic background.This post contains compilations of work previously written by the author and published separately.The word “fiat” is growing more aggrandized in the modern lexicon, however, despite its increasing popularity it is often...

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