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Apr 18 2022

Becoming A Sovereign Individual With Bitcoin Discussed At Bitcoin 2022

Sovereignty is subjective, but Bitcoin provides an unique opportunity for people around the world to be more independent with regards to freedom.A panel of five Bitcoiners took the stage at Bitcoin 2022 to discuss the topic “Becoming a Sovereign Individual.” The panel included Guy Swann of Bitcoin Audible; Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger; Parker Lewis, head of business development at Unchained Capital;...

Apr 02 2022

Bitcoin Barbed Wire And The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto

Comparing Bitcoin to barbed wire from Timothy May’s “Crypto Anarchist Manifesto” can give insight into the gravity of this seemingly abstract invention. (...

Feb 25 2022

Bitcoin Is Consciousness-Raising Technology On The Path Toward Enlightenment

Bitcoin will aid humanity in raising its levels of consciousness when self valuing people secure their individuality and everyone’s self interests are aligned.Bitcoin is the hardest form of money that has ever been invented. The enthusiasm that has emerged around this technology has been slowly revitalizing our society. The Bitcoin space is filled with hope and joy. This contrasts with the low...

Dec 23 2021

A 1997 Prophecy: Bitcoin And The Unfolding Of ‘The Sovereign Individual’ Thesis

1997’s “The Sovereign Individual” is remarkably prescient, with its predictions of how society will change coming to life with Bitcoin today.The following is the written version of a video presentation which can be viewed here....

Nov 26 2021

Bitcoin Enables Sovereign Individuality, Our Digital Future’s Holy Grail

Decentralizing technologies like Bitcoin are critical for individual sovereignty in our digital future.Whether it's how people live, their ability to travel to different places or how assets are all completely digitized, the world is swiftly changing. In the cryptocurrency industry, we operate in an entirely digital format while many of us strive to maintain privacy and preserve the sovereignty of the individual....

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