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May 01 2022

No One Understands Bitcoin, And That’s Okay

Bitcoin is an infinitely complex system that is a zero-to-one invention with little for us to compare it to, so no one can fully understand Bitcoin.Jameson Lopp, one of the earliest developers in Bitcoin says, “Nobody understands bitcoin, and that’s okay.” Truer words were never spoken. It’s actually a useful starting point for the topic I’m writing about now. I’m absolutely neutral...

Mar 15 2022

Timechain Partners With Fireblocks to Meet the Needs of Institutional Investors Seeking Exposure to Crypto

Canadian cryptocurrency service provider Timechain has announced it is joining forces with Fireblocks, an enterprise-grade digital assets platform, to increase its exposure to institutional clients, including major banks, hedge funds, and asset managers.

Mar 03 2022

Bitcoin Is Time Traveling Energy

Spending bitcoin into the future transfers incredible amounts of energy over time as the amount of energy per satoshi increases.Our timechain is Bitcoin and our energy rewards are new bitcoin introduced to the protocol, mined by electricity. We commonly refer to this as proof of work, because that’s quite literally what it is. No technical jargon, nothing more fancy than what it...

Feb 10 2022

Timechain is Launching ‘Crypto Cups’ NFT Collection to Boost its DeFi Ecosystem

Timechain, a Canadian-based regulated crypto platform that features a DEX aggregator and plethora of passive-income generating products, will soon be launching Crypto Cups, a non-fungible token (NFT) collection that will provide the Timechain app user base an opportunity to earn exclusive crypto rewards and unlock special perks.

Dec 16 2021

Bitcoin And The Commodity Of Time

Dec 16 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture ideas time timechain

An economic system built upon a decentralized time stamp server does more than just solve the double spend, it commodifies time itself....

Dec 04 2021

How Bitcoin Creates Our New Reality

Dec 04 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture memes timechain timestamp video

The essence of time, money, has been corrupted — but Bitcoin offers a new reality in which this link is fixed.“Time is money,Money is time,But how are we printing money if we can’t print time?”...

Aug 14 2021

Bitcoin’s Blockchain Is The Timechain, Let’s Call It That

Calling Bitcoin’s blockchain the “timechain” would honor Satoshi’s intention and help clear up altcoin misdirection.I’m fairly new to Bitcoin and I’m a boomer, which means I’m not qualified to comment on any technical aspects of the Bitcoin protocol. But I do have a 30-year career as a business development coach and I’ve written two business books and, until recently, I published an...

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