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May 24 2022

Current Crypto Tokenomics, Do They Need to Change?

May 24 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  luna tokenomics top article

Are the current crypto tokenomics due for a change? Let's take the Terra 2.0 proposal by Do Kwon as a sample. This tokenomics proposal has many pros and cons. However, it looks like Do Kwon's proposal is going to make it. This means that Terra will install the plan on May 27th, 2022. We will first explain the Do Kwon proposal. After that,...

Dec 14 2021

How Yield Guild Games Is Revolutionizing the Future of Work and Investment

Gabby Dizon, cofounder of Yield Guild Games, discusses his background in gaming, why he started Yield Guild Games, the performance of Axie Infinity, and more. Show topics: how Gabby fell down the crypto rabbit hole what inspired Gabby to...

Oct 13 2021

Jun 05 2021

Trust Wallet Token – TWT – Token Analysis – Should You Invest In this?

What is Trust Wallet Token (TWT)?Is Trust Wallet Token (TWT) a good investment?Where can you buy Trust Wallet Token (TWT)? I have talked about Trust wallet before, and also made a detailed video guide for the...

May 08 2021

Terra Network – LUNA – Token Analysis & Should You Invest?

What is Terra? Terra is a decentralized proof of stake blockchain network. The network is supported by a basket of algorithmic stablecoins which are pegged to fiat currency. Further, there is in-house governance and staking token called LUNA. The project has been developed by TerraForm Labs, Seoul, South Korea. How scalable is the Terra Network? Despite being a layer one blockchain, Terra can...

Mar 27 2021

What is Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) in Cryptocurrency

There are a number of metrics that are used by crypto investors to understand tokenomics of a blockchain. These metrics include Trading Volume, Circulating Supply, Maximum Supply, Market Cap, etc. Another metric that is considered these days is Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV). Read:...

Feb 12 2021

DODO DEX Upgrades Tokenomics Model for Version 2 Upgrade

Decentralized exchange DODO is tweaking its token model for the upcoming version two upgrade in order to offer more incentives to liquidity providers. DODO is an Ethereum-based on-chain automated market maker (AMM) that was announced in mid-August 2020. It claims to be more advanced than regular...

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