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Mar 10 2022

Will Biden’s Executive Order Help Or Hurt Bitcoin? Experts Weigh In

Will U.S. President Joe Biden’s executive order calling for regulatory guidelines around Bitcoin help or hurt the technology?U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order (E.O.) yesterday outlining federal efforts to research and develop specific guidelines for the use of bitcoin, alternative cryptocurrencies and a...

“Crypto Executive Order Fails To Mention Decentralization Directives”-U.S. Senator Tom Emmer

Tom Emmer, the U.S. Representative and Chair of the Blockchain Caucus, said President Joe Biden's executive order fails to mention decentralization directives even once. Emmer believes in the disintermediation of the U.S. economy to enable all Americans, regardless of circumstance, to decide their futures, not a bank or Big Tech or the government. Tom Emmer's...

Jan 12 2022

May 28 2021

Whales Bought $3 Billion in Bitcoin Last Week

May 28, 2021 / Unchained Daily / Laura Shin Daily Bits ✍️✍️✍️ Carl Icahn said he is considering a significant investment in...

Feb 04 2021

US Library of Congress Says Most Countries Lack Clear Tax Guidance on Crypto Staking

Out of 31 nations, only 5 have tax guidance addressing cryptocurrency rewards via staking, a study found.

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