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Jan 01 2022

TomoChain Ends the Year on a High

Jan 01 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  luaswap reviews tomomasterdao

As the new year begins, several blockchain projects will review their progress in 2021. They will also point out several loopholes to fix in the coming year. But, for Tomochain, the year has been blissful. The TomoChain mainnet first went operational in December 2018, with just five complete nodes at the time. Since then, the scalable blockchain has entered into...

Dec 20 2021

The Ultimate TomoChain (TOMO) Review

The entire blockchain and cryptocurrency space have experienced exponential growth in 2021. Especially, 2021 was a genuinely innovative year for TomoChain (TOMO) Therefore, this article covers some of the major updates and events on TomoChain (TOMO) in 2021. And what community members, enthusiasts, and the entire crypto space should expect...

Nov 10 2021

TomoChain and LuaSwap Launch First Dual Farming Pool

You may have thought it was impossible to earn two types of tokens in one pool. Now it is possible. LuaSwap in collaboration with TomoChain brings the first farming pool with dual prizes. The first dual farming pool opened on November 8th. The duration of the pool is 6 months. The first pool that is eligible for farming is tDAO / TOMO (TomoChain...

Oct 08 2021

LuaSwap ($LUA) Staking for TomoMasterDAO IDO

LuaSwap ($LUA), a multi-chain liquidity protocol without founder's fees, announced an opportunity for users to stake in the TomoMasterDAO IDO. According to the announcement by LuaSwap, users can now stake their $LUA token into the LuaSafe's platform. Also, LuaSwap will include the $LUA...

Oct 06 2021

TomoChain Lab to Launch TomoMasterDAO, With IDO Plans

On October 5th, TomoChain Lab is launching TomoMasterDAO, the governance platform of TomoChain. It provides funding for projects that are built on TomoChain blockchain and community initiatives. The foundation of TomoMasterDAO is formed with the $tDAO token. The token will be used for various activities on the TomoMasterDAO ecosystem, such as proposing bounties, voting, and supplementing funds. According to the...

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