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May 08 2022

2020’s Pickle Finance Hackers Launder 1,800 Ethereum Through Tornado Cash

Quick take: The 2020 hackers of Pickle Finance have laundered 1,800 Ethereum through Tornado Cash Roughly $20 million in the stablecoin of DAI was stolen from the protocol at the time of the exploit Tornado Cash continues to be the preferred mixer for these individuals and groups of hackers The perpetrators of the 2020 exploit on Pickle Finance have laundered 1,800 Ethereum (worth...

Apr 30 2022

2017’s Parity Multisig Exploit Hacker Has Laundered $25.5M in Ethereum Through Tornado Cash

Summary: The hacker responsible for the 2017 Parity Multisig Exploit has laundering ETH through the popular mixer of Tornado Cash The attacker has laundered over 9,000 Ethereum, worth $25.5 million, through Tornado Cash The funds were moved in batches of 100 Ethereum with the original ETH address now left with 96.88 ETH 153,037 Ethereum was stolen on July 19th, 2017, from the Miltisig...

Apr 28 2022

Deus DAO suffers another flash loan exploit, loses over $16M

Apr 28 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  crime defi deus dao eth fantom

Deus Finance DAO has suffered another exploit and lost $13.4 million worth of ETH to a hacker less than a month after being hacked in a similar flash loan attack for roughly $3 million. Deus DAO lost over $16 million to the two attacks Blockchain security company PeckShield first reported the exploit claiming that...

DEUS Finance Experiences Another Flash Loan Exploit, Loses Over $13M

The hacker exploited the USDC/DEI pool and stole $13.4 million. This is DEUS Finance’s second flash loan exploit in under two months, the first occurring in Mar. 2022. Flash loan exploits and hacks, in general, continue to be a threat to the DeFi market. DeFi infrastructure protocol DEUS Finance has suffered yet another flash loan exploit, according to blockchain security and data analytics...

Apr 15 2022

Tornado Cash Blocks Ethereum Address Linked to Axie Infinity Hack as it Complies to Sanctions

Quick take: The Ethereum mixer of Tornado Cash has blocked several Ethereum addresses highlighted and sanctioned by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control One of the Ethereum addresses belongs to the North Korean hacker group known as Lazarus, responsible for the $625 million Axie Infinity exploit Tornado Cash is using a Chainalysis smart contract to block the Ethereum addresses The popular Ethereum...

Apr 09 2022

Axie Infinity Hacker has Laundered 7.5% of the Stolen Ethereum via Tornado Cash

Quick take: The hacker responsible for the $625 million exploit on the Ronin Network has so far laundered 7.5% of the stolen Ethereum through Tornado Cash $400 million of the stolen funds was owned by players of Axie Infinity Binance has invested $150 million into the parent company of Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis Sky Mavis plans to repay all players affected by the...

Apr 04 2022

Ronin hacker moved 2000 ETH to the Tornado Cash tumbler

Apr 04 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  axie infinity crime gamefi hacks metaverse

As reported by CryptoSlate last week, a hacker ran off with about $615 million in ether (Ethereum) and stablecoins after exploiting a multisig contract regulating funds in the Ronin-to-Ethereum bridge – Ronin being the blockchain behind...

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