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Sep 19 2022

Treasury Seeks Public Comment on Crypto’s Role in Financial Crime

Sep 19 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  news treasury department

The request for comment follows three reports from the Treasury discussing the future of payments, the impact crypto could have on consumers, and preventing crypto-related financial crime. Treasury Asks Public...

Sep 16 2022

Yellen Points to “Significant Opportunities” as Treasury Shares Crypto Tips

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that while there are risks to digital assets, there could be significant opportunities. Treasury Shares Crypto Reports Six months after President Biden signed an executive...

Sep 08 2022

They Lost Money When Tornado Cash Got Banned. Now Coinbase Is Helping Them Sue the Government

Six people who used Tornado Cash for legitimate reasons had their funds frozen after the U.S. Treasury sanctioned the protocol. Theyre now filing a lawsuit, and Coinbase is funding them....

Aug 15 2022

Daily Briefing: Fighting back

Aug 15 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  tornado.cash treasury department

Coin Center has suggested that the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control overstepped its legal authority and is weighing a legal battle. Sanctioning Tornado Cash Were just over a week...

Aug 08 2022

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Ethereum Mixing Tool Tornado Cash

The U.S. sanctions list has a new addition from the Ethereum ecosystem: Tornado Cash. Treasury Sanctions Tornado Cash The Treasury Department has banned Tornado Cash. The government agency's Office of...

Feb 12 2022

The IRS’ Reporting Requirements For Brokers Won’t Affect Crypto Miners & Stakers

The infamous Infrastructure Bill put the IRS in a difficult situation. The bill gave the organization incredible fund tracking superpowers. The thing is, the measurements were impossible to enforce. Now, Bloomberg...

Jan 28 2022

The White House Considers Bitcoin And Crypto “A Matter Of National Security”

The White House is stepping in. Started at the bottom, now we’re “a matter of national security.” According to Barrons and...

Nov 26 2021

Feb 18 2021

BitPay to Pay $500K to Settle OFAC Sanction Violation Charges

Feb 18 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bitpay news ofac policy & regulation sanctions

BitPay is accused of facilitating over 2,100 transactions with individuals in sanctioned nations.

Jan 25 2021

Senate Confirms Janet Yellen as US Treasury Secretary

Jan 25 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  cftc janet yellen news occ policy & regulation

Yellen succeeds Steven Mnuchin in running the U.S. government’s treasury. Here’s what she will oversee in the crypto world.

Jan 21 2021

Janet Yellen Offers US Senate a More Nuanced Take on Crypto

“I think we need to look closely at how to encourage their use for legitimate activities while curtailing their use for malign and illegal activities,” Janet Yellen wrote.

Jan 19 2021

Janet Yellen Says Cryptocurrencies Are a ‘Concern’ in Terrorist Financing

The U.S. should examine how it can curtail the use of crypto for illicit financing, the former Fed Chair said.

Dec 10 2020

US Lawmakers Tell Mnuchin to Back Off From Potential Crypto Wallet Regs

Reps. Warren Davidson, Tom Emmer, Ted Budd and Scott Perry urged Steven Mnuchin to rethink his rumored self-hosted wallet regulations in an open letter Wednesday which warned such rules might "crush a nascent industry."

Nov 26 2020

Coinbase CEO: Trump Administration May ‘Rush Out’ Burdensome Crypto Wallet Rules

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong publicly voiced concern that the outgoing Trump Administration may ram through onerous new data-collection requirements for crypto exchanges.

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