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Jun 29 2022

Jun 16 2022

TRON DAO Withdraws 2.5B TRX From Binance to “Safeguard the Blockchain Industry and Crypto Market”

TRON DAO Reserve is doing everything in its power to ensure the survival of its USDD stablecoin amid the bearish market conditions. Recall that USDD lost its $1 peg on Monday and slipped further away from its intended value in the following days. At its lowest point on Wednesday, USDD was changing hands at $0.958. The stablecoin has since recovered some of its...

Jun 11 2022

Tron DAO Buys $50M Worth of Bitcoin and TRX to add to USDD Reserves

Key takeaways: Tron DAO Reserve has announced that it has purchased Bitcoin and TRX worth $50 million to add to USDD's reserves. USDD is currently overcollateralized to the tune of 197%. The stablecoin of USDD is now backed by 14,040.6 Bitcoin, 140 million USDT, and 1.906 billion in TRX. The purchase of Bitcoin and TRX comes when BTC retests the $28k support level....

May 25 2022

Fireblocks Adds Support for TRON DAO’s TRX and all TRC20 Tokens

Fireblocks Adds Support TRON (TRX) and all TRC20 Tokens. It's an important step for TRON DAO as Fireblocks is the leading digital asset and crypto infrastructure platform.

May 08 2022

TRON DAO Reserves Buy $38 Million Worth Of TRX To Safeguard The Stablecoin USDD

May 08 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  news stablecoin tron dao trx

The purchase of TRX by TRON DAO is to back the algorithmic stablecoin, to leverage a forex reserve that is similar to Terra's UST reserve. Terra's UST reserve system is gaining popularity, and Tron's stablecoin project is following suit. Tron's algorithmic stablecoin project was reported on by Coinscreed, and the fiat-pegged crypto asset has since […] The post TRON DAO Reserves Buy $38...

May 07 2022

Tron DAO Buys $39M Worth of TRX as Reserves for its USDD Stablecoin Whose Circulating Supply Has Exceeded $200M

Quick take: Tron DAO has purchased 504,600,250 TRX at $38.993 million as part of its reserves for the USDD stablecoin The circulating supply of the USDD stablecoin has doubled in less than 48 hours to exceed $200 million The USDD stablecoin has thus far secured three partnerships: Alameda Research, Amber Group, and Poloniex TRX's value continues to benefit from the activities surrounding the...

May 06 2022

TRON DAO Reserve Appoints Alameda Research as the First Member and Whitelisted Institution

Alameda Research, a leading principal trading firm, has been appointed by the TRON DAO Reserve as the first whitelisted institution to mint the newly launched decentralized stablecoin USDD.

Apr 29 2022

TRON Defines the Spend for its $1,111,111,111 Ecosystem Fund

TRON has announced the allocation for the $1,111,111,111 ecosystem fund they revealed in November 2021. The fund was established to foster the growth and development of the TRON ecosystem over 10 years.

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