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Oct 21 2021

The Turkish Tribal War Against Bitcoin

Bitcoin could help rectify malinvestment and unsustainable development, if only embraced by a currently hostile Turkish government.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “We are in a war against cryptocurrencies,” on September 18, 2021. Merriam-Webster defines war as “a state or period of fighting between countries or groups.” I...

Sep 20 2021

Erdogan Says Turkish Government Is ‘At War’ with Cryptocurrencies

The AK Party Deputy Chairman also noted that cryptos open the doors 'to grievances.'

Sep 19 2021

President Of Turkey Announces War Against Cryptocurrencies

As of 2020, Turkey had high crypto adoption rates. Statistics showed that the country had one of the highest exposures to cryptocurrencies worldwide. The polls indicated that about 16% of Turkish citizens had used...

May 07 2021

Turkish Government Requiring Exchanges To Report Bitcoin Trades Over $1,200

May 07 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  business exchanges regulation turkey

Turkey is instituting a reporting requirement for large trades, including bitcoin, from cryptocurrency exchanges.Adding to its recent moves to close in on what it sees as cryptocurrency’s potential to facilitate criminal activity,the Turkish government has announced that cryptocurrency exchanges in the country must report any transactions that exceeds 10,000 Turkish lira (equivalent to $1,200) to the government's...

May 01 2021

Chinese Crypto Exchange, Hotbit Goes Offline After Unsuccessful Cyberattack

May 01 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  cyberattack hack hotbit news turkey

Chinese crypto exchange, Hotbit, has shut down all of its services after suffering a cyberattack on Thursday. The cryptocurrency exchange with over 2 million users worldwide announced that it suffered an attack that forced some of its services to paralyze as the attached tried to access the exchange's wallets. “Hotbit just suffered a serious cyber-attack starting around 08:00 PM UTC, April 29, 2021,...

Apr 30 2021

Turkish Court Jails Suspects In Thodex Cryptocurrency Exchange Probe

Apr 30 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  business regulation thodex turkey

A Turkish court has jailed suspects connected to the Thodex cryptocurrency exchange as its regulatory actions around bitcoin intensify.According to a recent report from Reuters, a Turkish court has jailed six suspects as part of its investigation into local cryptocurrency...

Apr 27 2021

Report: Turkey To Establish Custodian Bank For Bitcoin Exchanges

Apr 27 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  custody markets regulation turkey

The Turkish government reportedly plans to serve as a custodian for local cryptocurrency exchanges, potentially holding bitcoin for users.Following the collapse of two local cryptocurrency exchanges and new regulations banning cryptocurrency-based payment services, the Turkish government is now reportedly planning to institute new measures to serve as a custody middleman for cryptocurrency investors.“The...

Apr 23 2021

Authorities Detain 62 People in Turkey for $2 Billion Crypto Exchange Fraud

Turkish police have issued detention warrants for 16 more people associated with the Thodex crypto exchange.

Apr 22 2021

Major Turkish Crypto Exchange Goes Dark

The local authorities commenced a criminal investigation against the exchange.

Apr 17 2021

Apr 16 2021

Turkey Bans Bitcoin Payments As Lira Crashes

Apr 16 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  ban culture regulations turkey

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey has instituted a ban on cryptocurrency payments, as its own fiat currency is devalued.Turkey has instituted a ban on all cryptocurrency payments as its own fiat currency, the lira, is failing. The ban is said to commence at the end of April. “Payment...

Turkey to Impose Ban on Cryptocurrency Payments

Turkey’s central bank said that the ban will come into effect on 30 April.

Turkey Bans the Use of Cryptocurrencies for Payments

Apr 16 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  central bank markets regulation turkey

Turkey takes aim at the cryptocurrency space. Turkey Banning Crypto Payments Using cryptocurrencies for payments will be banned from Apr. 30, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT)...

Apr 05 2021

Bitcoin Demand Soars in Turkey As Inflation Rises by 16%

Bitcoin trading volume in Turkey has registered a spike in the wake of the growing inflation rate in the country. The inflation rate of Turkey has risen by 16%...

Mar 22 2021

Bitcoin Queries Are Surging in Turkey Amid Lira’s Crash

Google searches for Bitcoin exploded over the weekend after Turkey’s national currency dropped nearly 15%.

Dec 26 2020

Turkey to Pilot Digital Currency in 2021, Says Central Bank Governor

Naci Ağbal's comments would place Turkey on the fast track to central bank digital currency.

Nov 11 2020

Turkish Football Club to Launch a Fan Token by the End of 2020

İstanbul Başakşehir partners with Chiliz to launch a fan token on blockchain- based fan voting app socios.

Oct 28 2020

From Brazil To Turkey, Bitcoin Prices Hit All-Time Highs Around The World

This article also appeared in our Down The Rabbit Hole newsletter. If you want our news and analysis straight to your inbox, make sure you subscribe now! One bitcoin will always be worth 1 bitcoin, but its price relative to fiat currencies is an important indicator of how much people around the world value the opportunity to opt...

Oct 22 2020

Bitcoin Sets New All-Time High In These Global Currencies

Oct 22 2020 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin brazil btc btcusd btcusdc

Bitcoin price blasted yesterday over $1,000 to a high of $13,200 and has reignited interest in the crypto market once again in a major way. A new 2020 high was set on the BTCUSD pair, but a higher peak over the 2019 top has yet to be reached. Elsewhere in the world, however, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap has just set a...

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