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Sep 16 2022

Crypto Reacts: Was The Ethereum Merge a Success Or A Mess?

For better or worse, we live in a post-Merge world. Ethereum is finally a Proof-Of-Stake blockchain. The switch is among the most important and divisive news of the year. The Ethereum side sees it as a technological wonder and the bitcoin side as a great mistake. For the first time since we started the Crypto Reacts feature, both camps are at totally opposite...

Jul 27 2022

Crypto Reacts: Everybody Hates Coinbase’s Mini Movie “The Degen Trilogy: Part 1”

The reaction to the first installment of “The Degen Trilogy” was a unanimous NO. It seems like Coinbase can’t get it right with their NFT strategy. First, the company spent millions in a marketplace that nobody uses, and now this. “The Degen Trilogy” is a phenomenal...

Apr 14 2022

Bitcoin 2022 Recap, GA Day 2. Afternoon: Peterson, Alden, Weinstein, Stark & More

And here it is, the bitter end of the Bitcoin 2022 coverage. As we said in the previous post, the afternoon was disappointing, to say the least. The conference’s organizers took their shot with big-name guests from the so- called “Intellectual Dark Web” and they missed. Both...

Mar 01 2022

Samson Mow Leaves Blockstream. What’s Next For The Bitcoin Ambassador?

It’s the end of an era. Samson Mow, Blockstream’s Chief Strategy Officer, left the company earlier today. The separation was amicable. “It's been a grand adventure working with Adam Back for the last 5 years and together we've accomplished a great deal from sidechains, to mining, to satellites. So what’s next? I plan to focus on nation-state Bitcoin adoption!” Mow announced....

May 22 2021

Blockstream Acquires Adamant Capital, Will Launch New Finance Division

Blockstream has acquired bitcoin fund manager Adamant Capital as the basis of its forthcoming Blockstream Finance division.Bitcoin infrastructure company Blockstream will acquire bitcoin hedge fund manager Adamant Capital to serve as the basis of Blockstream Finance, a new division focused on offering bitcoin-focused investment products built on the Liquid sidechain, per a release shared with Bitcoin...

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