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Jan 03 2023

Major Ukrainian Pharmacy Chain Enables Bitcoin Payments

Jan 03 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  binance business news payments ukraine

ANC Pharmacy is enabling bitcoin payments via Binance Pay at more than 1,000 locations across Ukraine.One of the largest pharmacy chains in Ukraine, ANC Pharmacy, has partnered with Binance to enable bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments at all of their locations. With over 1,000 stores across the country, it is one of the largest implementations of bitcoin payments in Europe. Access to the...

Dec 17 2022

Crypto To The Rescue: Why The UN Is Sending War-Torn People In Ukraine Aid In Stablecoins

A growing number of human rights organizations from around the world are turning to crypto and blockchain technology as a remedy to challenges in underdeveloped or conflict-torn countries caused by a lack of financial infrastructure or insufficient identity verification. Through a new blockchain-based humanitarian program, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will send...

Dec 16 2022

UN To Deploy Stellar Blockchain To Transfer Crypto In Financial Aid For Ukranians

The crypto industry has faced many challenges in 2022 due to macros. Recent events such as the FTX crash and its contagion have further exacerbated the situation, but amid all this, crypto continues to find more utility in Ukraine. The most recent development indicates that blockchain technology is far from over and could be an alternative resort when traditional channels fail. The...

Stellar Helps Bank Ukrainian Refugees With USDC

Reading Time: 2 minutes Stellar is leveraging its partnership with Moneygram to aid Ukrainian refugees Refugees will be...

Dec 02 2022

Ukraine, international consultants partner to update crypto framework

The Ukrainian regulatory community is actively partnering with foreign specialists like USAID, and Ernst&Young on the country's national crypto framework and the modifications to the law"On virtual assets." The National Securities and Stock Market Commission in Ukraine formed the Advisory Council on the Regulation of Virtual Assets, which conducted its first meeting on December 1. […] The post...

Nov 29 2022

National Bank of Ukraine releases draft concept for digital hryvnia

Nov 29 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  cbdc central bank ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine presented to representatives of banks, non- banking financial institutions, and the virtual assets market for discussion of the project of the concept of e-hryvnia. The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has unveiled a concept for its prospective digital hryvnia (e-hryvnia) central bank digital currency (CBDC). On November 28, the central bank […] The post...

Nov 16 2022

FTX: Is SBF The Bernie Madoff Of Crypto? Democrats & Ukraine Involved?

Nov 16 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  democrats ftx sbf ukraine

The collapse of the world's second largest crypto exchange FTX continues to be the all-dominant topic on the market. There are growing voices on social media that Sam Bankman-Fried is on par with legendary fraudster Bernie Madoff. Madoff has gone down in the history books for running the largest Ponzi scheme in history worth about $64.8...

Nov 15 2022

Ukrainian Pro-crypto Groups Announce Web3 Roadmap

Nov 15 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  europe regulation ukraine web3 news

The Web3 roadmap proposes the launch of a regulatory sandbox and the creation of a national blockchain-backed realty register. A roadmap for promoting and expanding Web3 in the nation was unveiled by the citizen organizations Virtual Assets of Ukraine (VAU) and Blockchain4Ukraine, a group of pro-crypto Ukrainian lawmakers. According to local media, the co-authors of […] The post...

Oct 13 2022

Ukraine Art Museum to release NFT collection on Binance NFT

On October 13, the Ukraine Art Museum NFT Collection and Auction will debut on the Binance NFT marketplace. The NFT collection and auction proceeds will be donated to the museum so it can keep running and preserve Ukraine's cultural legacy. The Kharkiv Art Museum, one of the oldest and most expensive museum art collections in […] The post...

Oct 10 2022

Dapper Labs Blocks Russian Users

Oct 10 2022 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  nft ukraine web 3.0 web 3.0 news

Reading Time: 2 minutes NBA Top Shot creator Dapper Labs has blocked Russian users The move correspondents to the European Union releasing new sanctions against Russia The ban affects everything from wallets to custody services The creator of the popular NBA Top...

Oct 07 2022

Russian Crypto Ban Implemented in Latest Sanctions

Reading Time: 2 minutes A ban on Russians using crypto has been enforced The move came in the latest round of sanctions by the EU Russians had previously not been allowed to send more than €10,000 A ban on Russians using...

Sep 29 2022

Russians to be Banned From Holding Crypto in “EU Wallets”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Russians are set to be banned from holding cryptocurrencies in wallets tied to EU entities The new measure is being considered as part of a new sanctions package following Russia’s planned annexation of parts of Ukraine However, holders of...

Russians to be Banned From Sending Crypto in “EU Wallets”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Russians are set to be banned from sending cryptocurrencies in wallets tied to EU entities The new measure is being considered as part of a new sanctions package following Russia’s planned annexation of parts of Ukraine However, holders of coins...

Sep 18 2022

This Ukrainian Supermarket Decided To Accept Crypto Through Binance Pay

Sep 18 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  btcusd btcusdt crypto crypto news ukraine

Binance has recently announced that VARUS, a Ukrainian supermarket chain, will now accept crypto. It announced that it had recently partnered with the supermarket chain, and now that will facilitate crypto payments for customers buying groceries. This transaction would take place through Binance Pay Wallet. VARUS happens to be one of the largest grocery store companies...

Sep 16 2022

Crypto Addresses Tied To Russian Neo-Nazi Paramilitary Group Added To U.S. Blacklist

Sep 16 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btcusd crypto crypto news ether

Crypto plays a vital role in shaping the modern-day war. It is used to buy weapons and boost the morale of combatants - and in this scenario - mercenaries who are just out there to add to an ongoing bloodshed. On Friday, the United States Treasury Department stated that 22 persons and two businesses with ties to the Russian government had been added...

Sep 01 2022

Crypto Call Centers Duping People Across Europe Busted By Ukrainian Cops

Crypto scammers come in different shapes and faces. In this part of the globe, they come from call centers -- agents who sweet-talk their targets and steal their money. Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24 this year, hundreds of soldiers and civilians have been killed by atrocities. In the midst of damage and death, however, scammers take advantage of the circumstance...

Aug 25 2022

Ukraine Blocks Crypto Wallets Used To Fund Russia Invasion

Aug 25 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  btcusd btcusdt crypto news russia ukraine

Ukraine government has seized and blocked the crypto wallets which were affiliated to raising funds for Russian military campaign. According to Security Service of Ukraine, a lot of foreign crypto companies helped Ukraine seize the funds. The agency at the moment is tracking the funds and also transferring them under the Ukrainian jurisdiction. It has been reported that a Russian resident had been...

Aug 19 2022

Two Of Ukraine’s Largest Tech Retailers Now Accept Bitcoin

Ukrainian tech retailers Techno Їzhak and Stylus now accept bitcoin online and in-store as demand for bitcoin as a daily currency grows amid war efforts.Two of Ukraine’s largest tech retailers now accept bitcoin as payment for goods and services. Whitepay is providing the necessary payments infrastructure enabling in-store and online purchases.Ukrainian demand for daily bitcoin use...

Aug 18 2022

Ukraine Buys New Batch Of Weapons To Fight Russia Using $60 Million Crypto Donations

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia prompted crypto donations from all around the world. It was intended to assist the country in acquiring all the necessary military weapons to withstand the conflict with Russia. Ukraine disclosed how they spent crypto donations, revealing that the majority was spent on armaments. The crypto community has chipped in $54 million in crypto to cause-oriented group Aid...

Aug 17 2022

Ukraine Uses Crypto Donations to Buy Drones and Weapons

In a new report about how crypto donations were spent, the war-torn country also said that it bought non-lethal equipment. Some of the $60 million in crypto donations that were given to Ukraine after Russia invaded the European country earlier this year were used to buy weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones), digital rifle […] The post...

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