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Oct 22 2020

How RUSH is building asset-backed tokens

Currency backed with assets is not a new concept. The United States dollar was backed by gold until 1971 when the gold standard was abandoned. The concept of asset-backed currencies is being replicated in the blockchain world through the concept of tokenization. Tokenization means that companies can divide assets digitally into different parts, with the ownership unit recorded on the blockchain. RUSH is...

Oct 17 2020

Data firm: OKEx saw $113m in Bitcoin outflows just before suspending withdraws

Oct 17 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  btcusd btcusdt uncategorized xbtusd

The crypto industry was struck with another unexpected development last night that sent shockwaves throughout the market and caused Bitcoin’s price to reel lower. Bitcoin’s sell-side pressure began growing earlier today after news broke of the OKEx not being able to process withdraws due to the founder being arrested by Chinese authorities. He is the sole holder of the key required to process...

Oct 16 2020

Buffett is Seeking for More IPO Investments? The AI-Driven Fintech RoFX May Be The One

Volatility in the Forex market brings ample opportunities to speculate and earn profits. However, the risks associated with Forex trading makes it hard to earn consistent profits. Amid the pandemic...

Oct 12 2020

Business as Usual: Kraken Releases September 2020 Bitcoin Volatility Report

Oct 12 2020 Published at Kraken Blog under tags  btc uncategorized

VIP clients are the first to receive Kraken Intelligence reports. If you’d like early access to our latest research, sign up to trade with us today or ask your account manager for more details. Kraken Intelligence, our team of in-house research experts, has released its… The post Business as Usual: Kraken Releases...

Ripple CEO Accuses U.S. Regulators of Favoring Chinese Technologies

Ripple's dissent with regulators continues to grow further as CEO Brad Garlinghouse makes a fresh attack. In a series of...

Oct 07 2020

Expect a Short-term Setback in Bitcoin Market, Asserts OKCoin Exchange

Bitcoin is bracing for a bearish impact in the short- to medium-term, according to OKCoin. The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange cited data from IntoTheBlock, a blockchain intelligence platform, that painted Bitcoin's two out of seven on-chain fundamentals as...

Oct 06 2020

A Crypto Advocacy Group Just Airdropped Congress Members $50 in Bitcoin

Oct 06 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  uncategorized

All 535 members of the U.S. Congress will receive $50 in Bitcoin to get hands- on experience using blockchain technology. The campaign, dubbed "Crypto for Congress," states: "Crypto for Congress is a pivotal inflection point, akin to the time Members of Congress received their first email or sent their first Tweet."...

Oct 05 2020

Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value: A Free Kraken Webinar w/ Pierre Rochard & Kraken Intelligence – October 8 @ 14:00 UTC

Oct 05 2020 Published at Kraken Blog under tags  btc uncategorized

Sure, Bitcoin has a price, but what makes it valuable? Kraken Intelligence, our team of expert analysts, have given their take in a new report released last week entitled “Bitcoin & Intrinsic Value.” At 20-plus pages, it’s our most detailed breakdown to date of all… The post Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value: A Free Kraken Webinar w/ Pierre Rochard & Kraken...

Sep 29 2020

What Is Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value? Our New Kraken Intelligence Report Explores

Sep 29 2020 Published at Kraken Blog under tags  btc uncategorized

What is the value of Bitcoin? It’s a question that’s been asked since the innovative asset first appeared on message boards, and it’s only persisted as its value and usage has grown. But while one definitive answer to this question remains elusive, that doesn’t mean… The post What Is Bitcoin's Intrinsic...

US Dollar Will Crash “Faster and Harder,” Says Pro-Bitcoin Economist

Sep 29 2020 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btcusd btcusdt cryptocurrency dxy

A recent sharp pullback move in the US dollar market is insufficient to log a full-fledged upside breakout. So says Stephen Roach, the former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia. The pro-Bitcoin economist wrote in an op-ed that the US dollar could fall by as much as 35 percent...

Bitcoin Decouples from Gold, Stocks after Overnight Sell-Off, What’s Next?

Bitcoin did its own thing during the late Monday trading session. The benchmark cryptocurrency plunged suddenly towards $10,600 after maintaining intraday gains above the $10,800-support all day. The sell-off appeared despite a healthier macroeconomic outlook led by signs of progress...

Sep 28 2020

ADA Jumps 10% as Cardano Integrates Metadata Into Wallet and Node

Sep 28 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  ada adabch adabnb adabtc adabusd

Cardano (ADA) price has jumped 10.56% on Monday, September 28 as Cardano developer Charles Hoskinson briefed new developments with the platform's Goguen update. At press time, ADA is trading $0.1052 with a...

Sep 18 2020

Indicator Turns Bullish As Whales Continue Holding Bitcoin

The number of whales sending Bitcoin (BTC) to exchanges continues to fall. According to data provided by CryptoQuant, Exchange Whale Ratio has hit new yearly lows. This indicator […]

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