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Nov 27 2021

Tether FUD: The Mystery Behind $1 Billion USDT Print, Will Bitcoin (BTC) Price Pump?

The crypto market is going through another bearish phase this month as the top cryptocurrencies lost majority of their gains from October. Bitcoin (BTC) has failed to hold key support of $55,000 and currently trading at $54,777. Amid growing pressure from the bears, Tether's latest issuance has created another market FUD. Tether is often accused The post Tether FUD: The Mystery Behind $1...

South Korea: Crypto Legislation to Induct Virtual Currencies into System Supervision

Nov 27 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  btcbrl btcbusd btcdai btceur btcgbp

The latest update in South Korea's crypto landscape saw the South Korean financial regulatory authorities propose legislative measures on virtual currencies by inducting it under system supervision like other financial industries, such as banking and insurance. Furthermore, the authorities have defined the rights and responsibilities of crypto assets, levying "undue profits" from crypto trading via The post South Korea: Crypto Legislation to Induct...

Nov 26 2021

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Crosses 1 Million Holders Milestone

Meme coin Shiba Inu is hellbent on proving its dominance in the space and it has done so successfully. From being accepted as a method of payment by prominent companies such as AMC Theaters to being the first meme coin to list in South Korea, the altcoin has had a good run of it. Its community had grown tremendously in the past few...

Breaking: Crypto Market Hit With Yet Another Crash, Here’s What Happened

Nov 26 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news bitcoin news btcbrl btcbusd btcdai

The fearmongering continues to affect the fourth quarter's crypto bull, this time around because of South Africa's exclusive warning about a rapidly spreading new coronavirus. With the steep drop in global stock markets and the U.S. stock index futures, cryptocurrencies also bore the burn. According to CoinMarketCap, the OG crypto, Bitcoin fell over 4 percent, The post Breaking: Crypto Market Hit With Yet...

Shiba Inu Price Analysis: SHIB Rallies 33% As Adoption Surpasses 1 Million Holders

Shiba Inu price trades well below its all-time high even after reaching over 1 million holders. SHIB is trading with a bullish bias as bulls fight resistance exerted by the 50 SMA and upper boundary of the descending channel. A break out above the channel could see Shiba Inu rise to the $0.00005346. Can one The post Shiba Inu Price Analysis: SHIB Rallies...

Nov 24 2021

Adidas Finds It’s First Crypto Partners With Coinbase & The Sandbox

Nov 24 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  adidas apparel nft sport sports

Adidas has made a splash into crypto, establishing a partnership with Coinbase as well as with metaverse playground The Sandbox this week. The deals have a limited amount of details thus far, and immerse the powerhouse apparel brand into it's first major foray in crypto and blockchain technology. The move is likely to be Adidas' initial step into 'metaverse apparel,' an increasing topic...

Nov 23 2021

Brazilians To Invest In Crypto Via LatAm’s E-Shop Giant MercadoLibre

The largest online commerce platform in Latin America, MercadoLibre, will allow its Brazilian customers to buy, sell and hold crypto using MercadoPago's digital wallet. The company's revenues through digital transactions rose during the pandemic, and it is now looking to expand its "financial inclusion" horizons. Earlier in the year, the company had reported that 60% of their entire value comes from MercadoPago, its...

The Biggest Cryptocurrency Headlines In November

Cryptocurrency markets have now reached what many have described as a point of no return, as the broader market is now worth over $3 trillion dollars, according to CoinGecko. As the world turns, and this month starts to wrap up, we dive back into some of the biggest highlights and also some of the toughest challenges that have been faced in the crypto...

Nov 22 2021

Will AMC Theaters Accept Shiba Inu For Movie Tickets?

Those that have dabbled in the stock market during the pandemic, or followed the trending headlines, have probably ran into AMC and it's massive jump during the 2020 pandemic. AMC now makes headlines once again in the crypto world, announcing it's interest with hot crypto Shiba Inu. AMC Theatre CEO Adam Aron confirmed the company will begin accepting SHIB for online payment within...

Nov 21 2021

The Ultimate Coinbase Review

Nov 21 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  uncategorized

Coinbase is the most popular fully regulated and licensed centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform in the U.S. It's also one of the largest and most well-known digital currency exchanges in the world. Coinbase offers investors access to crypto trades with the major cryptocurrencies and different alternative crypto coins on the market. It's famous for its easy-to- use interface, educational tools, and robust security measures but...

Nov 19 2021

Your Fingerprint Can Be Hacked For $5. Here’s How.

Nov 19 2021 Published at Kraken Blog under tags  featured security labs uncategorized

Fingerprint authentication is a convenient alternative to passwords and PIN codes. Who wants to spend time typing in a lengthy string of numbers, letters and characters when a simple tap will suffice? Unfortunately, that convenience comes at a cost. Because, unlike a regular password, you… The post Your Fingerprint Can Be Hacked For $5. Here’s...

Nov 18 2021

Nov 17 2021

Bitcoin Lightning Network Capacity Strikes New All-Time High: Factors

The rise of The Lightning Network is one of the most important stories of the year. On its back, El Salvador could adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Bitcoin Beach’s implementation of The Lightning Network served as a use case that showed that it could be used to transact in the country as a whole. Since then, the network keeps growing day after day,...

Nov 16 2021

Meme Coins Creating Generational Wealth Faster than any other – Let’s Evaluate the $GM Culture

Nov 16 2021 Published at Blockmanity under tags  uncategorized

The power of cryptocurrency to change the fate and fortunes of people has been witnessed all through the year as several individuals have become associated with the crypto space in a bid to earn more money...

Nov 15 2021

Scalability comes to Bitcoin as Taproot upgrade goes live

After years of waiting for an upgrade on the network of the leading digital asset, Taproot, an upgrade that would be focused on making Bitcoin more private whilst also improving its security has finally seen the light of the day. The upgrade was activated when F2Pool mined block 709,632 on BTC’s blockchain network Why the Taproot upgrade matters...

Photochromic’s IDO to launch today amid excitement from community members

Nov 15 2021 Published at Blockmanity under tags  bitcoin blockchain cardano cardstarter crypto

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly changing the face of the world and providing more security to human life. One of the projects ensuring the safety of human identity on the net is Photochromic. Photochromic...

Nov 12 2021

SEC Disapproves VanEck Bitcoin ETF, But Here’s What Crypto Enthusiasts Can Take From The Rejection

Nov 12 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  uncategorized

The Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC had until Nov. 14 to make a decision regarding whether to approve the VanEck Bitcoin ETF — the first exchange-traded fund in a long list of many "spot" bitcoin ETFs on the application desk of the regulator, or not. But finally, the SEC has disapproved of it, citing that The post SEC Disapproves VanEck Bitcoin ETF, But...

Universal Music Announces First NFT Band, Kingship

Universal Music Group, often known as UMG, has been a top record label for a very long time - with a big impact on music both from a business and listening perspective. On Thursday, Universal added to their roster of artists with a bit of a twist. Most people are familiar with music group Gorillaz, who's look and style was basically a NFT...

Nov 10 2021

How to Buy Bancor Network Token

Nov 10 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  uncategorized

Bancor is a protocol that enables automated, decentralized exchanges on Ethereum and across blockchains. Bancor offers an innovative way to exchange currencies and tokens for others without any centralized cryptocurrency trading platform, while network participants may add funds to liquidity pools in exchange for incentives. Operating as an automated market maker, Bancor allows easy peer-to-contract trades within a single transaction on the basis...

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