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Jan 20 2021

Biden Enters the White House: What Does this Mean for Crypto in the US?

President-Elect Joseph R. Biden has plans to enact a number of policy changes one day one of his tenure.

Jan 07 2021

Is Bitcoin Boosted by Political Turmoil in the United States?

As a dramatic evening unfolded on Capitol Hill, the price of Bitcoin hit a new all-time high. Coincidence?

Jan 04 2021

The Tax Man is Coming for Bitcoin: IRS “Enforcement” Impending in 2021

Crypto holders are believed to be a major driving force behind a widening "tax gap" in the United States.

Jan 01 2021

FinCEN Wants Disclosure of Americans’ Offshore Crypto Holdings

If FBAR adds virtual currencies, Americans have to disclose all offshore holdings above $10,000.

Dec 31 2020

Xapo to Shutter Services in the United States

The company is aiming to offer digital banking services in emerging markets.

Dec 16 2020

US Regulator Charges Top AirBit Club Promoter

Chairez was charged for her activities as an unregistered broker.

Dec 14 2020

Ukrainian Oligarch Mining Bitcoins in a Closed Kentucky Steel Plant

The steel plant was closed in July when the crypto mining operations started.

Nov 12 2020

Will the Biden Administration Be Good or Bad for Crypto?

The man who inspired the creation of PGP is about to step into the White House. What does this mean for crypto?

Nov 10 2020

Binance Blocking Users from the United States

The exchange is requesting the US-based users to withdraw funds in 90 days.

Nov 05 2020

Oct 28 2020

Why is US Crypto Policy So Important? Perianne Boring Speaks

The founder of the Chamber of Digital Congress on why crypto is vital for the future of the United States.

Oct 02 2020

Sep 25 2020

US Bill Proposes CFTC to Regulate Crypto Exchanges

If passed, exchanges only need to obtain a single national-level license for country-wide operations.

Sep 24 2020

Are the US & the EU Making Moves to Standardize Crypto Regulations?

Two important regulatory developments took place last week in the EU and the US. Here's what you need to know.

Sep 17 2020

What Does the CSBS’s Compliance Plan Mean for Crypto in the US?

The CSBS announced this week that it is planning to standardize compliance rules across the country.

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