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Mar 16 2022

From Hardware To Marketplaces, Retail Bitcoin Miners Are Reshaping The Industry

The surge of at-home and small-scale bitcoin miners is driving new hardware offerings, hosting services and a return to the practice’s roots.The Bitcoin mining industry is targeting retail miners more than ever before, and the mining market is fundamentally changing to serve this demographic.Part disruptive trend, part return to tradition, the focus on small-scale mining is an echo of Bitcoin’s early...

Dec 10 2021

Thinking Outside The Box With Upstream’s New Black Box For Home Bitcoin Mining

Upstream Data CEO Steve Barbour joins Bitcoin Magazine for an exclusive interview on their latest mining product, the Black Box.There’s a revolution brewing in Northern Canada on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border where Steve Barbour and Upstream Data are building new equipment for home mining bitcoin.The winter temperature in Lloydminster is well below zero but Barbour, CEO and founder of Upstream is on...

Jul 27 2021

Why Aren’t More Bitcoin Miners Setting Up Shop In Canada?

As more bitcoin miners migrate from China, they are hesitant to set up shop in Canada, despite abundant energy and a cool climate. But why?Canada seems to offer many of the advantages for successful bitcoin mining — lots of stranded renewable energy (mostly hydro), a cooler climate (which is easier on equipment) and a lower fiat currency value (more competitive than the...

Apr 05 2021

As Bitcoin Mining Hits All-Time Highs, Access To ASICs Is Key

As bitcoin propels its mining industry to new heights, the challenge of obtaining new equipment is critical.Like many providers in the space, international bitcoin mining services company Compass Mining is on a roll. With the success of BTC and rising mining revenues — now at an all-time high of $60 million per day — this rapidly-growing...

Jan 09 2021

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