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Dec 18 2020

ChainLink Price Prediction – NO Hype and Stable Uptrend…Is it a Good Investment?

The recent craze of a successful 20k hit the cryptocurrency market, having the majority of cryptocurrencies skyrocket in their prices. That wasn't the case for ChainLink, which continued on its...

Nov 19 2020

ChainLink Price Prediction – How to potentially make 50% on your investments!

Chainlink is one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, surpassing USD 5.3 billion. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are often on the lookout for solid new coins that have a solid infrastructure and provide value to the masses. Chainlink is one of those coins,...

Nov 16 2020

Bitcoin Price – Is This the END of the Uptrend?

After reaching its all-time high price of USD 16,480 since 2018, Bitcoin has been on a short term downward channel....

Nov 09 2020

Bitcoin Price Prediction – TA predicts another 2017 like rally!

Bitcoin witnessed yet another surge in prices last week, breaking through the $14,000 and $15,000 levels and edging towards USD 16,000. With increasing positive news in the blockchain world and an indecisive...

Nov 03 2020

Ethereum Price Analysis – Uptrend momentum still going strong

Ethereum is still on a strong uptrend ever since the recovery of the US stock market. The coming few days will be crucial in determining the defining path of the price of Ethereum and most cryptocurrencies. The...

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