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Jan 19 2021

The Overregulation of Stablecoins

A look at the STABLE ACT and its impact upon a burgeoning market

Jan 16 2021

Why Tether’s Reserves Probably Don’t Contain Bitcoin

Jan 16 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  bitcoin deltec markets nyag reserves

Tether has strongly implied that its USDT stablecoin is not backed by Bitcoin, following unclear statements from its banking partner Deltec. Deltec Invests In Bitcoin Hugo Rogers, Chief Investment Officer of Deltec Bank, recently announced that his firm invests some customer funds in...

Jan 15 2021

What is Tether? Is the USDT Stablecoin Legit?

Jan 15 2021 Published at CoinCentral under tags  articles tether usdt

Tether is a cryptocurrency pegged to traditional fiat currencies and backed 1:1 by reserves of these traditional currencies held in accounts under Tether’s control. There are currently Tether tokens backed by US Dollars (denoted by the symbol USD₮) and by Euros (denoted by EUR₮...

Tether’s Banking Partner Deltec Reveals Investment in Bitcoin

It is not clear if the bank used Tether’s deposits to take positions in the digital currency.

Jan 13 2021

Bitcoin Wallet Maker Ledger Woes Worsen With Rogue Shopify Data Theft

Jan 13 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd btcusdt crypto

Bitcoin hardware wallet maker Ledger has recently put a spotlight on personal financial security after hackers leaked the details of thousands of customers online. Those who sought to protect themselves from criminals instead were pushed into the line of fire. Now the situation for Ledger has gotten much worse, after an email to customers was distributed informing them of yet another data security...

Dec 03 2020

OKEx’s Trading Volumes and Tether Reserve Plunge on Possible User Exodus

Dec 03 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  markets okex tether trading volume usdt

A sharp drop in OKEx’s trading volume and stablecoin reserves – tether in particular – may reveal an ongoing exodus of its users, after the popular crypto derivatives exchange unexpectedly halted all crypto withdrawal activities for about five weeks.

The United States Could Make Stablecoins Illegal

The United States could soon be one of the first countries making stablecoins illegal. In order for users to be able to handle stablecoins, crypto exchanges and companies […]

Nov 04 2020

DAI Experiences 623% Growth in Q3

Messari, a crypto market data aggregator, reveals that the supply of MakerDAO DAI stablecoins experienced a 623% growth in the third quarter of 2020. The feat achieved by DAI pushed the value of the token above $1 for four successive months. An estimated 65% of the...

Oct 22 2020

PayPal Didn’t Shoot Bitcoin Above $13,000, Analyst Explains Why

Oct 22 2020 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btcusd btcusdt paypal tether

On Wednesday, Bitcoin logged a supersonic bull run, hitting $13,000 for the first time in 15 months. The rally started after PayPal announced its foray into the cryptocurrency sector, leading analysts to believe that the $138 billion global payments firm drove the latest Bitcoin adoption....

Oct 21 2020

Bybit Expands USDT Perpetual Trading with 4 New Pairs

Singapore-based crypto derivatives exchange Bybit continues to expand its offerings with four new trading pairs added to the platform’s Tether (USDT) perpetual trading catalog. With the new trading pairs in tow, Tether perpetual contracts now cover five different cryptocurrencies. Bybit’s new offering will also likely help to make crypto derivatives even more popular. The market [...] The post Bybit Expands USDT Perpetual Trading...

Oct 13 2020

A 50% Increase in Tether Supply Points to Another Bitcoin Rally: Analyst

Oct 13 2020 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin crypto cryptocurrency tether usdt

Bitcoin should brace for another upside move as a large Tether supply waits to enter its market, according to TradingShot. The independent market analysis firm said that the USDT supply increased by more than 50 percent since August 2020. While it may have fueled the 18 percent price rebound in the Bitcoin market a month later, its actual impact on the cryptocurrency's spot...

Sep 28 2020

USDT Is a Game Changer for Online Poker

CoinPoker - the flagman of the industry, the biggest and the oldest pure crypto poker room is the first to introduce USDT as the in-game currency, solving the ever prevailing volatility issues and creating grounds for accelerated growth. Alongside launches two promotions giving away 100,000 GTD in prizes. The changes will finally allow the poker […] The post...

Sep 21 2020

Funds Are Safe! Crypto.com Under Maintenance

Update 9:00 am UTC: Crypto.com App is back online and is fully functional. However, the Exchange remains under maintenance. Crypto.com, the leading crypto payment platform, paused its deposits, withdrawals, and trading on its exchange and app on September 20, 6:00 pm UTC. According to the official tweet, the funds are safe. The system is down due to temporary system maintenance. However, even after...

Sep 15 2020

Tether Prints 5 Billion USDT In Only 2 Weeks

Despite the mounting pressure from central banks and governments alike, the Tether printer is running wild as demand for the stablecoin seems to be growing exponentially. 5 Billion USDT were minted in the last 2 weeks alone. That's approximately half the previous market cap, or an increase of 50% of the supply. USDT is the largest US Dollar with approximately $15 Billion in...

Sep 10 2020

Solana Pumps By Over 40 % – Here’s Why…

Solana is a relatively new project that has been making headlines recently. The first hype wave began after the derivatives exchange FTX announced a decentralized version called Serum to be built completely on Solana. With the recent pullback in the crypto market, Solana's SOL coin lost some momentum and had to take losses similar to the rest of the market....

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