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Apr 01 2022

With Empty Bitcoin Mempools, It’s Time To Consolidate Your UTXOs

Bitcoin mempool levels are frequently empty these days, so it’s a good time to conduct this Bitcoin security best practice.Bitcoin mempools aren’t what they used to be, at least when measured by unconfirmed transaction levels. Network use is down from the market peak in 2021, and with emptier mempools come cheaper fees, both of which have a few notable effects on the...

Mar 29 2022

Wasabi’s Side Of The Story: Reasons For Blacklisting Certain BTC From CoinJoin

Finally, an official statement by Wasabi Wallet. A couple of weeks ago, the privacy-focused project made the news by announcing it wouldn’t allow tainted bitcoin to participate in its CoinJoin service. Doesn't that action go against everything Wasabi is...

Mar 15 2022

Wasabi Wallet’s CoinJoin Will Not Serve Blacklisted UTXOs. Samourai Responds

The rivalry between Wasabi and Samourai wallets rages on. That shouldn’t be the headline, though. This story is about privacy, censorship, and regulatory pressure. It all started with Wasabi’s simple announcement, “The zkSNACKs coordinator will start refusing certain UTXOs from registering to coinjoins.” Translation: the company that runs the centralized coordinator that organizes CoinJoin transactions will not let tainted...

Nov 18 2021

Taproot Kicks Jevons Paradox For Bitcoin UTXOs Into Another Gear

The activation of Taproot will make bitcoin UTXOs more efficient, and much more widely used.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1113: "Taproot kicks Jevons Paradox into another gear." Sign up for the newsletter here....

Nov 12 2020

98% of Bitcoin’s ‘Unspent Outputs’ Are Worth More Than When Made

Nov 12 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bitcoin markets utxos

The percentage of bitcoin unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) in profit recently topped 98%, the highest level since December 2017.

Oct 30 2020

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