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Sep 22 2022

How Improving The UI And UX Of Bitcoin Nodes Could Benefit Everyone

It’s high time to move the discussion on Bitcoin user interfaces and experience over to nodes.This is an opinion editorial by Ram, a twenty year old student, soldier and storyteller.Imagine this:Your baby girl is fiddling with her laptop, and she’s yelling, “Wow!” and “Oh!” You wonder what’s going on. Is it a cartoon? Is it anime? Why’s she so excited?...

Mar 23 2022

Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 21 Eases User Experience When Paying Invoices

Different Bitcoin wallets have multiple options for whether to send an on- chain or a lightning payment which can be confusing to inexperienced users.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1181: "BIP21 is a no brainer." Sign up for the newsletter here...

Feb 16 2021

Education Is The Best Bitcoin Investment

The tech industry abounds with buzzwords and acronyms that seem, at times, designed to exclude the ordinary user. But “UX” isn’t one of these mere buzzwords. User experience is one of the rare bits of tech shorthand that actually mean something to our customers and clients because everybody knows what bad UX looks like. But sometimes, great UX isn’t all that it seems,...

Education Is The Best Bitcoin Investment

Feb 16 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  casa culture custody private keys ux

Bitcoin service providers must integrate security best practices directly into their user experiences if they are to deliver the revolution.The tech industry abounds with buzzwords and acronyms that...

Dec 07 2020

We Must Solve Bitcoin’s Custody UX Problem

Twelve years is the blink of an eye in historical terms, but it’s an eternity in tech. Just look at the cellphone, which went from niche accessory to absolute necessity in under a decade. Still, new technologies don’t always soar immediately: it took a quarter of a century for the humble washing machine to reach even half of U.S. homes. This Halloween marked...

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