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Jul 19 2022

This Leading Investment Firm Is Betting High On Israeli Crypto Startups, Here’s Why

Valkyrie, a leading firm in asset management, per CoinDesk, has announced today that it's entering into the venture capital asset class. The firm best known for its SEC-approved futures ETFs hired famed investor Lluis Pedragosa in April as a managing partner of the new venture. Investing in the middleware layer Lluis Pedragosa, a former Managing...

Oct 21 2021

Oct 18 2021

Bloomberg Analyst: A Second Bitcoin Futures ETF Could Start Trading This Week

Bloomberg received a listing action from Valkyrie Funds for their bitcoin futures ETF, its analyst James Seyffart said.Bloomberg received a listing action from Valkyrie Funds for their bitcoin futures ETF.The Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF could begin trading on Wednesday or Thursday after ProShares’ bitcoin futures ETF starts trading tomorrow.However, there is still one last step...

Oct 09 2021

Oct 06 2021

Valkyrie Investments CEO On Bitcoin: “Absolutely A Digital Store Of Value”

Leah Wald discussed Bitcoin on Monday, saying it is "one of the strongest monetary networks."Valkyrie Investments CEO Leah Wald said that she doesn't think that BTC is fool's gold, unlike the JPMorgan CEO. "I think it is a wonderful digital gold and has done a brilliant job of nailing that store of value narrative."Wald added that although Bitcoin is still in...

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