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Jul 19 2021

Charted Territory: The True Value Of One Bitcoin

Inflation may obscure the value of bitcoin, but let it not mislead you.Last Week In Bitcoin is a series discussing the events of the previous week that occurred in the Bitcoin industry, covering all the important news and analysis.SummaryWhile bitcoin seems to be aiming for a dip below $30,000 soon, the last week has remained relatively quiet in the market....

Jun 30 2021

Bitcoin And The St. Petersburg Game

The apparently infinite value of bitcoin has been expressed in a proposed mathematical situation before.If you’ve fallen down the Bitcoin rabbit hole even a foot, you’ve probably seen references to the idea of “everything there is, divided by 21 million.” Originally posited by Knut Svanholm, Ioni Appelberg and Guy Swann in a YouTube video with the same...

Jun 13 2021

Another Way To Think About Bitcoin’s Value

Jun 13 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture philosophy value of bitcoin

One’s opinion on the value of bitcoin depends on one’s definition of value, as it is with anything.Dr. Rettler is an assistant professor of Philosophy at the University of Wyoming.In this essay, I want to clarify and respond to a prevalent assertion regarding bitcoin — that “bitcoin has no intrinsic value.” Two...

Apr 14 2021

Value Creation In Bitcoin

The incentive structure created by Bitcoin introduces new potential for value creation in society.In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto invented the greatest store of value ever seen in human history. His creation, bitcoin, has firmly secured its place as the hardest form of money in the new digital economy and the bedrock of a new open, global financial system. Bitcoin has already won.What...

Mar 18 2021

It’s Time To Rethink The “Intrinsic Value” Of Bitcoin

Mar 18 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture gold value of bitcoin

The criticism that bitcoin has no “intrinsic value” is a misunderstanding of the very term. In fact, Bitcoin is intrinsic value.“Bitcoin has no intrinsic value.” This frequently heard criticism is, for Bitcoin’s critics, the ultimate kill shot — the irrevocable proof that, at its most fundamental core, Bitcoin is nothing but a worthless fraud. “It’s just code” was the line repeated in...

Mar 01 2021

What Gives Bitcoin Value?

In the digital age, the ideal brand new currency should have at least these three characteristics:It should be free from the control of any authority so that it cannot be manipulated and printed at will (and devalued), and nobody can tell...

Jan 26 2021

Will Bitcoin Ever Lose Its Price? Factors That Affect BTC’s Value

Bitcoin is a widely popular cryptocurrency devoid of authority like banks or government over it. Also, it does not have a recognized status of legal currency. But at the same time, the private party can use Bitcoin to make transactions if they are agreed on some conditions mutually. Bitcoin is also traded and purchased on exchanges. We find a large number of investors...

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