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Jul 09 2022

3 Lessons From The Oslo Freedom Forum: 14 Zeroes – Bartolomeo, Nur Khalil, Stark

It’s time to visit Oslo one more time. Bitcoinist keeps mining The Human Rights Foundation’s Oslo Freedom Forum for the content all those other bitcoin sites are not interested in. We are talking about real life here, and we already went to the well a few times - one...

Jun 13 2022

A Harvard Professor’s Loony And Sadistic Suggestion For Crypto Regulation

Yikes! Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff really told us what the elites think of the common man in his “What’s the Crypto Regulation Endgame?” opinion piece. Spoiler alert: they don’t want you to have financial...

A Harvard Professor’s Loony And Sadistic Suggestions For Crypto Regulation

Yikes! Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff really told us what the elites think of the common man in his “What’s the Crypto Regulation Endgame?” opinion piece. Spoiler alert: they don’t want you to have financial...

Apr 27 2022

Who And Why Received The 5 BTC In Grants From The Human Rights Foundation?

For the second quarter of 2012, the Human Rights Foundation’s Bitcoin Development Fund distributed 500 million satoshis in grants. The receiving projects came from “Cuba, Turkey, Pakistan, Ghana, Venezuela, Burma, and beyond,” according to Chief Strategy Officer Alex Gladstein. In this round, the Human Rights Foundation focused on “Bitcoin software development, community building, censorship monitoring, translation and design.”...

Apr 02 2022

Let’s Rewatch “Human B.” Selected Quotes From The Documentary’s Guests

The phenomenal bitcoin documentary “Human B” has been making the rounds for a couple of months. Directors Aaron Mucke and Eva Mühlenbäumer produced a piece that defies nay-sayers and serves as an introduction for newcomers. It goes right to the root of the matter, how money works, and then gets into the solution that bitcoin is. All of that, mixed in with very...

Mar 17 2022

Latin America, Tipping Point: The Region Flirts With & Rejects Cryptocurrencies

Typical Latin America. The region as a whole is having a love/hate relationship with cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, apparently, crypto remittances in Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela grew 900% last year....

Mar 04 2022

Russia Ban In Focus As MetaMask, OpenSea Abide By U.S. Sanctions

Mar 04 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  blockchain news crypto defi news iran metamask

OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace, reportedly began blocking Iranian users citing U.S. sanctions against the country, while popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask was unavailable in certain blacklisted countries due to...

Mar 03 2022

Feb 09 2022

Crypto Tax: Venezuelans To Face 20% Tax on Crypto Transactions

Crypto tax is trending across the globe as more and more country are revealing their crypto taxation policy. The latest addition to list is...

Feb 07 2022

Venezuelan Parliament Hit Local Firms With 20% Crypto Transaction Tax

After the Venezuelan parliament approved a law aimed at reducing inflationary pressure on the struggling fiat bolivar, certain crypto and foreign currency transactions would be taxed at up to 20%. Venezuela To Tax Crypto Transactions At 20% The Venezuelan government has authorized a new tax that will effect...

Oct 12 2021

Breaking: Venezuela’s International Airport Set to Start Accepting Bitcoin ($BTC)

Oct 12 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin news bitcoin payment btc btcbrl btcbusd

One of the international airports in Venezuela is all set to open a Bitcoin and other crypto payment options for ticketing amid the growing popularity of digital assets. According to reports, Simon Bolivar International Airport is working towards enabling crypto payments in accordance with the local regulations. The airport is located in the capital city The post Breaking: Venezuela's International Airport Set to...

Sep 01 2021

Is Venezuela Really a Prime Bitcoin Use Case?

Sep 01 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  adoption bitcoin opinions venezuela

Reading Time: 2 minutes Venezuela is often seen as a great example of the power of Bitcoin against an inflation-heavy fiat currency The situation is more complicated however, with Bitcoin often seen as just a way to get U.S. dollars Bitcoin is also not filtering down to...

Aug 28 2021

Latin America, Tipping Point: Cuba Regulates, Honduras ATM, Venezuela Spends

Is Latin America in the eye of the storm that’ll reshape the world? The region certainly benefits from the existence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Latin America needs hedges against inflation and a quick and easy way to send remittances. The cheaper the fees, the better. And when you truly need something, you’re bound to understand it. You have bigger incentives to study,...

Aug 06 2021

Venezuela to Launch Digital Bolivar in October

The country will also redenominate the hyper-inflated bolivar.

Jun 17 2021

Bitcoinist Book Club: “The Bitcoin Standard” (Chapter 4, Part 3: Money and Hyperinflation)

Let’s finish the 4th chapter once and for all, book lovers. As promised, we’re going to take government money to court and analyze its track record. How do you think it did? We’ll also analyze the hyperinflation phenomenon, which as it turns out, “is a form of economic disaster unique to government money.” How does it work? You’ll know by the...

May 31 2021

Venezuelan Authorities Detain Two Alleged LocalBitcoins Scammers

The two Venezuelans allegedly scammed around 36 people through the Bitcoin P2P platform.

Mar 17 2021

Interview: Bitcoin, Venezuela And Day Game With Apex ₿

Apex ₿ joined Bitcoin Magazine’s “Meet The Taco Plebs" to discuss his rabbit hole journey and the peace Bitcoin brings him.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This...

Mar 03 2021

Reserve App to Launch in March

On 27 February, Reserve announced that its app will be available in March. For several months, the Reserve team has been hiring, coding, and designing the app with the aim of beating inflammation. The app will be available to the thousands of people that have been on the waitlist. Besides, it will first become available to those in Venezuela before reaching others....

Feb 27 2021

Why Won’t Bitcoin Die? Because You Need It

“Why won’t bitcoin die?” is a common question I’ve heard asked throughout the years by people sitting on the sidelines watching the bitcoin price hectically rise and fall, time and time again. The mainstream media will tell you that bitcoin is a speculative bubble, your financial advisor will tell you that you’re wasting your time by investing in it, your friends and family...

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