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Apr 26 2022

U.S. Charges 2 Europeans Over North Korean Crypto Conspiracy

Apr 26 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin blockchain crypto hackers lazarus

Two individuals are charged in a federal indictment declassified Tuesday in the Southern District of New York with colluding to contravene US sanctions against North Korea by illegally providing crypto and blockchain technology services to the communist country in collaboration with US citizen Virgil Griffith. Alejandro Cao de Benos of Spain, who created a pro-Pyongyang affinity group, and Christopher Emms of the United...

Apr 25 2022

Apr 13 2022

Ethereum Developer Gets 5 Years In Prison For Teaching North Korea Skirt Sanctions Using Crypto

An Ethereum engineer who gave a lecture on how to use blockchain technology in North Korea was sentenced to 63 months in prison on Tuesday. Cryptocurrency expert Virgil Griffith will pay a $100,000 fine for assisting North Koreans in evading US sanctions through the use of cryptocurrencies. The United States forbids its nationals from traveling to North Korea unless they have special permission....

Apr 12 2022

Ethereum’s Virgil Griffith To Serve 63 Months in Prison for Unsanctioned Visit to N. Korea

Summary: Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith will serve 63 months in federal prison for visiting North Korea without the permission of the US Government Griffith also has to pay a $100,00 fine for his role in helping North Korea to use crypto to evade sanctions He was arrested in November 2019 after giving a talk at a crypto conference in Pyongyang in April 2019...

Feb 08 2021

Potential India Crypto Ban, Worldwide Darknet and Virgil Griffith’s Saga Continues

Crypto restrictions in India, fresh darknet market research from Chainalysis and the newest chapter in Virgil Griffith’s North Korea saga.

Jan 30 2021

Judge Rejects Virgil Griffith’s Motion to Dismiss Charges of Aiding North Korea

Jan 30 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  news sdny virgil griffith

U.S. Judge Kevin Castel also denied the ethereum developer’s request for more details about what he’s being charged with.

Dec 23 2020

Ethereum Developer Virgil Griffith Will Likely Face Trial Next September

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith is likely headed to trial on charges of violating international sanctions, after a Tuesday hearing which saw a federal judge clarify what's being argued.

Dec 11 2020

Virgil Griffith Still Doesn’t Know What Exact Crimes He Is Accused of, Attorneys Say

Attorneys for Virgil Griffith want the U.S. government to specify the charges he’s facing, rather than a broad claim that he violated U.S. sanctions.

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