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May 19 2022

Russian minister says crypto to become means of payment ‘soon’

Russia's minister of industry and trade, Dennis Manturov, believes it's only a matter of time before crypto becomes a means of payment in the country, Reuters reported. Manturov...

Apr 18 2022

In The War Of Ideas, Bitcoin Is Our Strongest Weapon

In a world of collective identitarian movements, Bitcoin is perhaps the clearest embodiment of the liberal ideal of individual sovereignty.Natalie Smolenski is a senior advisor at the Bitcoin Policy Institute and executive director of the Texas Bitcoin FoundationRussia’s invasion of Ukraine took most of the world by surprise; it should not have. It is the logical and material result of a...

Mar 24 2022

Russia Is Rumored To Be Considering Bitcoin As Payment For Oil

Recently, there has been speculation that Russia may start accepting bitcoin in exchange for oil. This would be a significant development, as Russia is a major player in the global oil market. If this rumor turns out to be true, it could have a major impact on the price of Bitcoin. Heck, even if it's not true, you know the old "buy the...

Mar 05 2022

Volumes Of Ruble-Denominated Bitcoin Spike To A Year High

Cryptocurrency has remained a formidable asset for several individuals protecting and securing fiat currencies. This serves as a hedge to preserve your funds, significantly when situations could deflate a country's fiat currency. The recent turbulence in Russia from the Ukraine invasion has pushed most people to throw their money into cryptocurrency. As a result, the trading volumes between Bitcoin and the Russian ruble...

Mar 01 2022

Feb 27 2022

Feb 15 2022

Feb 09 2022

Russia Shares Plan To Regulate Bitcoin, Crypto

Feb 09 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin crypto markets news russia

The Russian government published a document on Tuesday night outlining principles for regulating bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the country.Russia will follow the Ministry of Finance’s suggestion to regulate bitcoin and cryptocurrencies instead of banning them as previously recommended by its central bank.The Russian government published a document on its...

Jan 26 2022

Putin In Favor Of Bitcoin Mining, Opposes Crypto Ban Proposal

President Vladimir Putin argued in favor of bitcoin mining citing the competitive advantages it brings for the country, thus opposing the crypto mining ban recently proposed by the Central Bank following the pressure from Russia's Federal Security Service. The Crypto Ban The Central Bank of Russia has flirted with the possibility of a crackdown on cryptocurrencies for a while. Recently, the entity moved...

Jan 25 2021

Bitcoin Donations to Navalny Surge After Russian Opposition Leader Is Jailed

Putin's opponent received 3.7 bitcoin in the last week, tripling the amount raised in the first two weeks of 2021.

Dec 11 2020

Putin Orders Russia’s Public Officials to Report Crypto Holdings

Russian civil servants must start reporting their crypto assets as the country's first crypto law comes into force in January.

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