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Sep 12 2022

Fidelity To Allow Its 34 Million Individual Investors To Buy Bitcoin: Report

The pro-bitcoin financial giant is reportedly considering allowing its over 34 million individual investors to buy bitcoin through its online brokerage.Fidelity Investments is considering allowing individual investors to buy bitcoin.Investors would be able to purchase the asset through the company’s online brokerage. Fidelity has over 34 million individual investors on its platform....

Aug 29 2022

Wall Street Journal – 0.3% fall in assets may render Tether insolvent

Aug 29 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  news tether wall street journal wsj

According to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) story, Tether's financial sheet may become technically insolvent with a mere 0.3% decline in the value of its reserve assets. Journalists Jean Eaglesham and Vicky Ge Huang of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) focused on the murky status of Tether's USDT reserves and its eagerly anticipated audit, which […] The post...

May 19 2022

MicroStrategy Is Not Selling Its Bitcoin, Says New CFO

MicroStrategy’s newest CFO confirmed the company will not be selling its bitcoin and has not received pressure from stakeholders to sell in a recent interview.MicroStrategy’s new CFO, Andrew Kang, confirms the company will not be changing its bitcoin strategy. Kang foresees stronger regulations following the events of recent turmoil in the cryptocurrency markets. Gary Gensler, chair of...

Sep 10 2021

Bitcoin Prevents Monetary Control, Whether Those In Control Like It Or Not

The peer-to-peer monetary network doesn’t discriminate between race, gender, religion, or political inclination.A Wall Street Journal report has claimed how bitcoin adoption in Afghanistan has catapulted since Kabul fell for the Taliban as citizens seek ways to put their hands on...

Aug 30 2021

Will Avanti, A Digital Asset Bank, Become a Federal Reserve Member Bank?

Avanti already has a special purpose bank charter in Wyoming, but they want more. The organization is applying to become a Federal Reserve member bank. If granted, Avanti will be subject to the “very same regulatory capital, compliance and supervisory examination standards that apply to traditional banks.” That goes in line with how they define...

Nov 02 2020

Bitcoin Price Is 90% Up This Year

Bitcoin can no longer be ignored as it continues to set new highs for 2020. Given the fact that bitcoin price surged by 90% since January 2020, the mainstream financial media coverage is growing. According to the very recent Wall Street Journal post, a renewed surge of investor interest in bitcoin is being witnessed. This is primarily because investors fear the inflation will...

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