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Jul 14 2021

Do Recovery Services for Crypto Wallets Really Work?

As crypto markets have surged in 2021, so has the number of users and crypto wallets. This, in turn, has led to an increase in recovery services. It is inevitable that an increasing number of crypto asset investors, traders, and users is accompanied by an increase in those that lose access to their crypto wallets for some reason or other. Wallet recovery services...

Jul 13 2021

Jul 09 2021

Square Making Crypto Hardware Wallet

Reading Time: 2 minutes Square has announced that it is to design and launch its own cryptocurrency hardware wallet The wallet will be an “assisted self- custody” design, which may not please purists Square founder Jack Dorsey mooted a hardware wallet last week...

Jun 23 2021

Fireblocks Sued Over $75 Million ETH Loss

Reading Time: 2 minutes Swiss DeFi project StakeHound is suing crypto custodians Fireblocks over $75 million in lost ETH StakeHound claims Fireblocks did not backup an Ethereum wallet private key, causing them to lose 38,178 ETH Fireblocks argues that the private key...

Jun 18 2021

Fake Ledger Devices Sent to Data Breach Victims

Jun 18 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  cryptocurrency news hack ledger scam wallet

Reading Time: 2 minutes Compromised Ledger Nano devices are being sent to Ledger hack victims The wallets purport to come from the company as an apology for the massive data leak last year The wallets contain a flash drive which allows any funds on them to go straight...

Jun 10 2021

No, the FBI Can’t Hack Into Your Bitcoin Wallet

Reading Time: 2 minutes The recovery of $2.3 million worth of bitcoin by the FBI from the Colonial Pipeline hackers has led to erroneous assumptions about Bitcoin The FBI already had the private key to the Bitcoin wallet in question, making access simple Hacking into a...

May 18 2021

Coinbase Wallet Adds DeFi Functionality

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new Chrome add-on for the Coinbase wallet allows easier DeFi integration Coinbase wallet users can now use DeFi apps easily on their desktop through the add-on rather than a QR code-based sign on approach The move could see thousands more...

May 14 2021

Ontier Law Ridiculed For Craig Wright Lawsuit

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ontier Law has been ridiculed for their latest attempt to help Craig Wright prove he created Bitcoin Ontier has filed suit against another 16 Bitcoin developers in an attempt to rewind the Bitcoin blockchain Wright claims he was hacked in...

May 06 2021

Ledger Hack Fallout Leaves Company With a PR Dilemma

May 06 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  cryptocurrency news hack ledger wallet

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Ledger data breach of last year has left the company facing an ongoing PR dilemma Each social media post is met with a barrage of criticism from users, but the company can’t simply quit platforms...

Apr 18 2021

Blank: A Privacy-Focused Browser Extension Wallet

The Blank wallet is an Ethereum–based, non-custodial browser wallet that is focusing on providing a high level of privacy and anonymity to crypto users. The project aims to introduce a concept of ERC-20 pooling via smart contracts that will help in hiding user information and...

Apr 02 2021

Fake Trezor App in Apple Store Costs Man ₿17

Apr 02 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  bitcoin cryptocurrency news scam wallet

Reading Time: 2 minutes A bitcoin holder has lost his life savings after downloading a fake Trezor app from the Apple App Store Phillipe Christodoulou lost ₿17.1 to scammers Always follow links provided by manufacturers rather than...

Mar 31 2021

PayPal Crypto Payments Platform Has a Critical Flaw

Reading Time: 2 minutes The PayPal crypto payments platform launched yesterday, four months after the investment platform went live PayPal crypto holders will soon be able to use cryptocurrency at any of the company’s 29 million U.S. merchants Users will need to convert...

Cryptocurrency Wallet imToken Secures $30 Million Funding

The Series B funding round was led by Qiming Venture Partners.

Mar 01 2021

How To Get Bitcoin

Bitcoins can be obtained in numerous ways, each of which are entirely different from one another. It is important to note that bitcoins are incredibly easy to send. As a result, they take the form of a highly transferable commodity. This is important because,...

Feb 28 2021

Bitcoinpaperwallet.com Compromised and “Millions” Stolen

Feb 28 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news crime wallet

Reading Time: 2 minutes Popular Bitcoin paper wallet provider Bitcoinpaperwallet.com has been compromised with “millions” of dollars’ worth of bitcoin stolen A Reddit post claims that creators of new wallets are seeing their funds drained immediately Paper wallets used...

Feb 27 2021

Mycelium Wallet Review and Usage Guide – Part II

In the previous part of this Mycelium wallet guide, we have explained how you can install, send, receive, and different account addresses available in the wallet application. In this part, we will explore the remaining features supported by the wallet. FIO Requests...

Mycelium Wallet Review and Usage Guide – Part I

Mycelium is a wallet that allows users to work with the Bitcoin network. The Mycelium project was first announced on September 13, 2013, and was originally called BitcoinSpinner. However, the name was later changed. It has received a prestigious award of "Best Mobile App" by...

Feb 26 2021

1Feex Wallet Claim Gets Craig Wright in Hot Water

Reading Time: 3 minutes Craig Wright’s claim that two old Bitcoin wallets of his were hacked last year could have got him into legal trouble A Mt. Gox victim has instructed his lawyers to write to Wright’s lawyers to inform them that the rightful owners of one wallet, called the...

Feb 25 2021

Craig Wright Threatens Developers Over ‘Hacked’ Wallets

Reading Time: 3 minutes Craig Wright has continued his game of lawsuit roulette with another round of legal demands Wright’s lawyers have demanded that Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV developers work to return ₿110,000 allegedly stolen in...

Feb 15 2021

No, Apple Pay Isn’t Suddenly Accepting Cryptocurrency

Reading Time: 2 minutes Apple Pay users cannot suddenly use the wallet to spend their cryptocurrency, despite suggestive headlines on Friday The truth is that American BitPay debit card holders can now add their card to mobile wallets, but they still have to convert to fiat...

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