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Mar 11 2022

How to Set Up and Play Alien Worlds

Mar 11 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  alien worlds blockchain games game wax

Blockchain gaming has grown in popularity and actively competes against traditional gaming. While the crypto market appeared to have suffered a major setback in January, the gaming sector remained stable. In addition, statistics have proven that blockchain gaming has a huge level of global adoption. The rise of the play-to-earn gaming model is hugely responsible for the large numbers of people flocking...

Nov 17 2021

Nov 12 2021

15 Best NFT Marketplaces

Many people became interested in the NFT market, whether it’s in-game items or works of art. Among them are collectors who saw a new era of digital art in NFTs and investors who could not miss a market growing by thousands of percent a year. Where do they buy these tokens, and what are the right steps? Let’s figure it out. What Is...

Apr 16 2021

Billionaire Mark Cuban’s VC Entity Announces Strategic Investment in NFT Data Aggregator CryptoSlam

Billionaire Mark Cuban is going big in the crypto game these days! After disclosing his love for...

Mar 17 2021

Top 3 Coins to Watch – Week 11

Another week, another ATH price for Bitcoin as the world’s largest cryptocurrency set its new top price over the weekend by changing hands for as much as $61.662 per coin on March 13. Bitcoin’s price has since faced a readjustment of around 10%. While another BTC breakout in the near future seems likely, our this week’s selection of top coins to watch focuses...

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