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Aug 02 2022

Judge Orders Peter McCormack To Pay 1£ In Damages To Craig Wright. Yes, 1£

Did this UK judge determine that Craig Wright’s reputation was worth 1£? You be the… judge. The “High Court Approved Judgment” reads like a novel. It contains a lot of ins, a lot of outs, and a lot of what-have-yous. It conveniently summarizes everything that happened and what got us and Peter McCormack here. The story is fascinating and it paints a clear...

Jun 03 2022

Bukele: If BTC Succeeds In ELSL, “It’ll Be One Of History’s Biggest Game-Changers”

The second Nayib Bukele interview by What Bitcoin Did comes with as many quotables as the first one. This one was recorded days after the Bitcoin Law went into effect in El Salvador, so the information might feel a little dated. Especially if you’ve been following Bitcoinist’s coverage of the ELSL story...

May 26 2022

Let’s Dissect McCormack’s “Follow The Money #1” Documentary, Pt. 2- Underbelly

At its core, Peter McCormack’s film is about the other side of El Salvador. And he faces it head-on in the part of his “Follow The Money #1” documentary we’ll dissect today. Will the Bitcoin Law help Salvadorans who don’t care about the Internet? Can bitcoin fix every problem it encounters? In a long enough time frame, it can and it will. McCormack...

May 24 2022

Let’s Dissect The “Follow The Money #1” Documentary, Pt. 1- Salvadoran Confusion

In “Follow The Money,” the What Bitcoin Did team goes deep. The podcast is already a part of the El Salvador story, with its host Peter McCormack being the first to interview President Bukele after the Bitcoin Law’s announcement. In this new documentary,...

May 18 2021

Is Chamath Behind The Controversial BitClout?

Notorious billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya’s tweet about BitClout raised a few red flags. Since we at Bitcoinist checked the project’s documentation and explored the possibility of...

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