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May 02 2022

Popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia stops accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum donations after 8 years

After a 3-month debate on the benefits and drawbacks of cryptocurrencies, Wikipedia has decided to stop accepting Ethereum and Bitcoin donations after 8 years. The announcement comes shortly after the Wikimedia Foundation, the parent organization of Wikipedia, held a poll in which more than 70% of respondents expressed a desire to halt all cryptocurrency payments. […]

Apr 15 2022

Why Wikipedia Editors Aren’t Too Keen On Crypto Donations?

A proposal made by the Wikipedia administrator opted for a vote to know if Wikimedia Foundation would still want to receive cryptocurrency donations. The answer to which was a reverberant no. This particular debate over the mentioned proposal has been going on since January and the vote was concluded with around 400 participants. The common point of contention has been environmental concerns, over...

Apr 14 2022

Just-In: Wikipedia To Halt Crypto Donations Over Energy Concerns

Apr 14 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin environment news wikipedia

The Wikipedia Community on Thursday closed a long-running vote over whether the encyclopedia should stop accepting donations in cryptocurrencies. At the final tally, about 71% of the community voted against receiving crypto donations. The key reasoning behind the vote was the high power consumption of crypto networks, which tends to have an adverse environmental impact....

Jan 24 2022

Dec 06 2021

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