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May 27 2022

The History Of Davos And The World Economic Forum

Klaus Schwab’s yearly conference in Davos, Switzerland, is a way to parade attempts to make capitalism more socialist through “shareholder capitalism.”Watch This Episode On YouTube or...

May 20 2022

Bitcoin Brings Maximum Pain for Globalists

The macro picture in Europe looks bearish and as the Federal Reserve signals continued hawkish stance, bitcoin provides a hopeful path forward.Watch This Episode On YouTube or...

Jan 31 2022

Feb 14 2021

Deutsche Bank Plans Bridge Between Crypto and Traditional Banking

Deutsche Bank digital asset custody was included in the list of financial products and services in a World Economic Forum (WEF) report in December 2020. Though the report saw little attention upon publication, Deutsche Bank has...

Jan 29 2021

Strange Bedfellows: The World Economic Forum and Crypto

A look at the challenging task of integrating the radical crypto world into the establishment with Adrian Monck of the World Economic Forum.

Jan 26 2021

Top 5 Crypto News: 01/25

After the consolidation, Bitcoin is trading close to $31,600. Encouragingly, Ethereum surpassed its all-time high, hitting $1,459.93, but has now dropped back to $1,303.47. Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today....

Dec 18 2020

World Economic Forum Releases Cryptocurrency Report

The report outlined the impact of cryptocurrencies on individuals, institutions, and the overall society.

Dec 10 2020

World Economic Forum’s New Academic Paper Favors Chainlink

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) blockchain-based smart contracts can help unlock the hidden value of legacy digital systems. To achieve this the legacy systems, need to become interoperable with the distributed ledger systems. According to the WEF academic paper, such a step would also need a Chainlink like an infrastructure for decentralized data validation. This infrastructure will help validate the integrity...

Dec 09 2020

Chainlink Collaborates With World Economic Forum to Establish Industry Oracle Standards

In a big development for the Chainlink community, the oracle service provider has collaborated with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to establish new Industry Oracle Standards connecting blockchain and legacy systems....

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